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The Establishment Clause Timeline

11/06/2013: Supreme Court heard oral arguments on legislative prayer.

07/03/2012: Federal judge upheld South Carolina program awarding credit for off-campus religious courses.

01/17/2012: Supreme Court declined to rule on board meeting prayers in North Carolina.

01/11/2012: Supreme Court upheld ADA ministerial exception.

07/15/2011: Federal judge ordered Florida courthouse to remove Ten Commandments monument.

05/07/2012: Federal appeals court rejected bid to remove "God" from presidential oath.

10/15/2010: Federal appeals court upheld Illinois school moment of silence law.

04/28/2010: Supreme Court ruled on religious display on Mojave National Preserve.

04/15/2010: Federal judge ruled National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.

03/11/2010: Ninth Circuit upheld Pledge of Allegiance in public schools.

11/10/2009: Federal judge ruled Christian-themed license plates unconstitutional.

06/13/2006: Federal judge dismissed suit challenging inclusion of "In God We Trust" on US currency.

12/20/2005: Federal judge ruled against "intelligent design" being taught in public schools.

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