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Human Trafficking Timeline

6/25/2013: UN rights expert urged Morocco to combat human trafficking

6/20/2013: Supreme Court ruled US cannot withhold HIV/AIDS funding over prostitution stance

6/3/2013: Japan and UN reached agreement to combat drug and human trafficking

1/4/2013: Tennessee judged ruled law concerning human trafficking unconstitutional

11/7/2012: ACLU challenged California's Proposition 35

9/25/2012: Obama signed order strengthening protections against human trafficking

7/20/2012: Federal judge dismissed largest US human trafficking case

6/26/2012: UN rights expert urged focus on victims of human trafficking

4/17/2012: UN agency signed agreement to combat human trafficking

4/3/2012: UN sought stronger effort in worldwide battle against human trafficking

11/1/2011: UN agencies signed agreement to combat human trafficking

8/22/2011: UN rights expert urged Thailand to combat human trafficking

6/29/2010: UN reported human trafficking was a growing problem in Europe

6/22/2010: Kenya parliament gave preliminary approval to anti-human trafficking bill

6/14/2010: State Department reported that human trafficking was a "serious problem" in US

1/7/2010: Europe court ruled sex trafficking violated human rights convention

6/16/2009: US human trafficking report added six countries to worst offenders list

3/25/2009: Rights group claimed US immigrant policy violated international law

3/24/2008: Guatemala adoption agency lawyers were charged in human trafficking case

10/5/2007: Bulgaria rejected legalizing prostitution in policy reversal

9/24/2007: Hungary licensing of sex workers was said to violate human trafficking treaty

6/12/2007: US human trafficking report cited Islamic states for inaction

5/16/2007: EU cracked down on employers of illegal immigrants

1/24/2007: Italy probe yielded 2,000 human trafficking suspects

6/5/2006: US reported human trafficking still major problem

4/25/2006: US military cracked down on human trafficking violations in Iraq

4/24/2006: UN agency criticized efforts to slow human trafficking

3/17/2006: ASEAN acknowledged slow progress on establishment of human rights institution

1/1/2006: Illinois human trafficking law took effect

10/20/2005: EU outlined plan to combat human trafficking

8/30/2005: UN rights chief stated human trafficking was on the rise

7/5/2005: Five European countries announced plan to start joint deportation flights

7/1/2005: Turkish parliament overrode presidential veto of penal code

6/3/2005: US rebuked 14 nations over human trafficking

4/25/2005: UN delegates pledged closer cooperation in fighting crime, terror

1/4/2005: Indonesia moved to preempt child trafficking after tsunami

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