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Iraq War Timeline

2/09/12: Human Rights Watch troubled by Iraq execution figures

1/26/12: Iraq Prime Minister pledged action on behalf of victims of Haditha killings

1/24/12: UN Rights chief condemned Iraq's execution of 34 individuals in one day

1/24/12: Final Marine charged in Haditha killings pleaded guilty

1/9/12: Trial began for last US Marine charged in Haditha killings

12/18/11: US transferred final detainee to Iraq government

12/26/11: Iraq Vice President refused to return to Baghdad to stand trial

12/18/11: Final US combat troops left Iraq

12/15/11: US declared Iraq War over

11/22/11: UK appeals court ruled Iraq abuse probe lacks independence

11/19/11: Malaysia rights group held symbolic war crimes trial for former US, UK leaders

10/21/11: Obama announced withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by year-end

9/8/11: UK inquiry ruled Iraq citizen's death result of abuse by soldiers

8/2/11: US top military officials argued for US soldier immunity

12/15/10: UN Security Council ended Iraq sanctions

11/17/10: Talabani refused to approve execution of ex-foreign minister

10/26/10: Iraq court sentenced Saddam-era deputy PM Aziz to death

8/3/10: Iraq court sentenced former Saddam official to death

5/14/10: Iraq recount showed no signs of fraud in March elections

2/7/10: Iraq appeals panel reversed ruling on banned candidates

2/4/10: Iraq government denounced ruling allowing alleged Baathists to run for office

3/17/10: Iraq ruling coalition alleged fraud in parliamentary election

1/26/10: Iraq Interior Ministry targeted in car bombing

1/17/10: Iraq court handed down fourth death sentence for 'Chemical Ali'

1/12/10: Netherlands inquiry found Iraq invasion lacked legal mandate

12/14/09: Saddam lawyer sought consent to prosecute Blair for war crimes

12/6/09: Iraq lawmakers approved amended election law

11/24/09: UK panel began investigation into legality of Iraq war involvement

11/22/09: Leaked documents questioned legality of UK involvement in Iraq War

11/8/09: Iraq parliament passed controversial election reform law

9/25/09: US officer objector received 'other than honorable' discharge

8/2/09: Iraq court convicted top Saddam officials of Kurdish displacement

6/8/09: Supreme Court ruled Iraq sovereign immunity applied to Saddam-era allegations

5/19/09: Federal judge dismissed Iraq war legality lawsuit

3/17/09: Iraq cabinet urged presidency council to ratify Saddam officials' death sentences

12/28/08: Iraq court began new trial for Saddam officials accused of political killings

11/23/08: Iraq court began new trial for former Saddam aides

10/21/08: Federal judge ruled US officer objector cannot face second court-martial

7/23/08: Iraq president rejected draft election law after Kurds boycott

5/22/08: DOD audit found Iraq reconstruction contracts fail to meet anti-fraud guidelines

5/7/08: Germany constitutional court ruled pre-Iraq war flight missions unconstitutional

2/11/08: UK Law Lords weighed Iraq war inquiry bid

1/22/08: US Senate passed bill exempting Iraq from Saddam-era lawsuits

10/25/07: Iraq parliament speaker objected to execution of Saddam-era defense minister

10/3/07: US officer objector asked federal court to stay court-martial

9/20/07: Federal investigators began probing military contract fraud and corruption allegations

7/19/07: Halliburton subcontractor executive pleaded guilty in Iraq fraud case

7/12/07: US Iraq war vets reported abuse of Iraqi civilians in The Nation

9/7/07: Iraq president objected to execution of Saddam-era defense minister

7/22/07: Democratic senator urged censure of Bush over Iraq war

5/22/07: Iraq constitution reform committee admitted failure to agree

3/20/07: Spain judge opined Bush, Iraq war allies should face war crimes charges

3/20/07: DOD investigators announced stricter Iraq reconstruction fraud penalties

3/19/07: Former Saddam VP faced Iraq execution

3/15/07: Iraq tribunal upheld death penalty for Saddam VP

3/14/07: Saddam VP asked Iraq tribunal to lift death sentence

2/19/07: Iraq oil law went to cabinet for approval

2/5/07: Judge blocked testimony on Iraq war illegality at objector court-martial

1/29/07: Former US contractor sentenced to 9 years for Iraq reconstruction bribe scheme

1/19/07: Iraq draft oil law gave central government revenue control

12/29/06: Saddam Hussein executed

12/29/06: Saddam execution set for dawn in Iraq

12/23/06: US officer objector released early from military prison

12/12/06: UK appeals court turned down Iraq war inquiry bid

11/8/06: Iraq PM reported confidence of Saddam execution by year-end

11/6/06: Iraq authorities began lifting Saddam verdict curfews

11/5/06: Saddam sentenced to death in Dujail crimes against humanity case

10/13/06: US officer objector pled guilty to AWOL charges

10/3/06: US Army deserter surrendered despite belief Iraq war 'illegal'

10/8/06: US officer objector ordered to face court martial

9/19/06: UK soldier became first to plead guilty to Iraq war crime

8/11/06: US officer objector turned himself in to military authorities

8/2/06: Halliburton subcontractor settled Iraq fraud allegations for $4 million

7/24/06: Saddam absent from court following hospitalization

6/21/06: HRW accused Iraq insurgents of war crimes

6/7/06: US Army officer publicly refused 'unlawful' Iraq deployment

6/1/06: Iraq court issued warrant for Saddam deputy PM Aziz

5/28/06: Iran submitted Saddam indictment to Iraq government

5/25/06: UK Attorney General released details on Iraq war legal advice process

5/24/06: Former deputy PM Aziz testified for Saddam

5/2/06: Sunnis pushed to head Iraq constitution amendments committee

4/13/06: Rights group reported women's rights better under Saddam

4/13/06: Iraq war objector found guilty in UK court-martial

4/11/06: UK court-martial began for Iraq war objector

4/4/06: Iraq tribunal charged Saddam with genocide against Kurds

3/29/06: UK Law Lords rejected Iraq anti-war protestors' necessity defense

3/22/06: UK military judge ruled Iraq war legal, ordered court-martial for objector

3/18/06: Saddam insisted trial should remain in Iraq, rejecting defense advice

3/15/06: UK officer tested Iraq war illegality defense in military hearing

2/27/06: Iraq daytime curfews lifted amid sectarian fears

2/19/06: Radical Shiite cleric al-Sadr rejected Iraq constitution

2/10/06: Iraq election chief certified parliamentary vote results

1/23/06: Saddam denounced 'Iranian meddling' in Iraq

1/19/06: International Iraq election watchdog endorsed parliamentary vote

1/15/06: Iraq government persuaded chief Saddam judge out of resigning

1/14/06: Iraq tribunal confirmed chief Saddam judge has offered resignation

12/27/05: Thousands protested in Baghdad over Iraq election "fraud"

12/15/05: Iraq voted in parliamentary elections

11/28/05: Iraq president rejected rights comparison to Saddam regime

11/9/05: UN extended mandate of Iraq forces

11/3/05: US began circulating UN resolution to extend Iraq force a year

10/11/05: Deal reached on Iraq constitution for Sunni support

10/5/05: Sunnis threatened Iraq constitution referendum boycott

10/5/05: Iraq assembly reversed constitution veto rule change

9/19/05: DOJ announced possible investigation of Halliburton for Iraq work

9/9/05: Talabani insisted draft constitution did not risk of civil war

9/8/05: Iraq constitution draft readied for final approval by lawmakers

8/28/05: Vote delayed vote on revised Iraq constitution draft

8/26/05: Talks neared collapse during Iraq constitution negotiations

8/22/05: Iraq constitution submitted to parliament

8/18/05: Sunni political group blasted Iraq constitution negotiations

8/15/05: Iraqi parliament convened to consider constitution

8/3/05: Amnesty International report slammed Iraq insurgents over war crimes

8/2/05: Iraq constitution continued to stall over unresolved issues

7/24/05: Iraq constitution committee members threatened boycott

7/19/05: Two Sunni members of Iraq constitution committee shot dead

7/18/05: Saddam lawyer pressed to move trial out of Iraq

6/26/05: Iraq constitution committee chief reported deadline would be met

6/24/05: Bush continued support for Iraq constitution timetable

6/16/05: Sunnis compromised on makeup of Iraq constitutional committee

4/25/05: ISG report found no evidence Iraq weapons transferred to Syria

4/25/05: UK report on legality of Iraq war reported 'altered' prior to release

1/29/05: Violence escalated on eve of Iraq elections

12/9/04: Shiite groups presented 228 candidates for Iraq elections

9/15/04: Annan said beginning of Iraq war was illegal

5/24/04: US, UK presented Security Council resolution on Iraq mandate

2/14/04: Iraq deputy prime minister suggested election delay

3/27/03: US, Iraq sparred over legality of war at Geneva disarmament conference

3/27/03: Blix reported no indications of prohibited weapons

3/20/03: Executive order froze Iraqi assets in "financial offensive"

3/20/03: US and UK troops invaded Iraq in "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

3/19/03: President Bush presented legal case for Iraq war

3/10/03: Annan argued war with Iraq would breach UN Charter

2/10/03: Joint Russia, Germany statement issued against war

2/5/03: Powell gave UN speech on Iraq noncompliance with Resolution 1441

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