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Federal judge stays most of Ohio same-sex marriage ruling
April 17, 2014
Federal judge Timothy Black of the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio said Wednesday that Ohio must immediately recognize four same-sex marriages but stayed the broader effects of the ruling pending appeal in the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Staying that portion of th....... [more]

Ohio AG approves proposed constitutional amendment to overturn gay marriage ban
April 15, 2014
Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine determined on Monday that a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would overturn its current ban on gay marriage had obtained the requisite number of signatures and satisfied the requirement that it be a "fair and truthful statement of the proposed law....... [more]

Federal judge rules Ohio must recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages
April 14, 2014
Judge Timothy Black of the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio ruled on Monday that Ohio authorities must recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states. The court found that the state's refusal to recognize such marriages violates the Due Process Clause, Equal Protec....... [more]

April 8, 2014
"Stop-question-and-frisk" (SQF), a form of proactive policing where officers detain and search persons suspected of illegal activity, has been used by police departments for decades. SQF searches are intended to maintain a level of officer vigilance targeting low-level criminal offenses in order to....... [more]

Ohio judge to strike down state's same-sex marriage ban
April 5, 2014
On Friday a judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Timothy Black, vowed to overturn the state's ban on the recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages. Black, who has issued other limited opinions recognizing same-sex marriages in narrow contexts, stated that Ohio's r....... [more]

Ohio same-sex couples sue to list both parents on birth certificate
February 10, 2014
Four legally married same-sex couples on Monday filed a civil right lawsuit with the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, seeking a court order to force the state of Ohio to recognize both spouses' names on birth certificates. Three of the couples are legally married lesbian couples....... [more]

Ohio Supreme Court warns judges to end 'debtors' prisons'
February 7, 2014
The Supreme Court of Ohio on Wednesday distributed a warning to all of the state's judges to end the policy of imprisoning people who are unable to pay court fines, a practice deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court more than 30 years ago. The bench card, which is the first of its kind in th....... [more]

Prospects for the Rule of Law in South Sudan
January 29, 2014
JURIST Guest Columnist David Pimentel of Ohio Northern University's Pettit College of Law argues that South Sudan's rule of law challenges remain a stumbling block to its development and to its capacity for addressing internal conflicts and continuing violence ... The prevailing mood in South Sudan....... [more]

Ohio inmate's family files lawsuit over prolonged execution
January 27, 2014
The children of convicted murderer Dennis McGuire filed a lawsuit on Friday in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio over the method used in McGuire's 26-minute long execution, which they say amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. McGuire, who was convicted in 1994 of raping and....... [more]

Prolonged Ohio execution heightens lethal injection drug controversy
January 17, 2014
The prolonged execution of convicted murderer Dennis McGuire on Thursday has stirred a controversy over new drugs used to administer lethal injections. McGuire was convicted in 1994 of raping and murdering a 22-year-old girl in 1989 and lost his appeal to the Supreme Court of Ohio in 1997. Earlier t....... [more]

Ohio AG to appeal ruling requiring recognition of same-sex marriage
January 17, 2014
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Thursday filed notice of his plans to appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, a December ruling that requires the state to recognize valid out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples on Ohio death certificates. The ruling, made last month by....... [more]