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Alabama Senate approves abortion bill requiring guardian consent
April 4, 2014
The Alabama Senate on Thursday approved a bill that requires a parent or guardian's approval before a minor can have abortion. Under the law, a minor wishing to get an abortion without parental consent must prove in court that she cannot consult her parents, and the court can appoint a guardian ad l....... [more]

Federal judge to decide on constitutionality of Alabama abortion law
April 3, 2014
Judge Myron Thompson of the US District Court for the Middle District of Alabama on Wednesday set a trial date of May 19 to determine the constitutionality of an Alabama law passed last year requiring doctors who perform abortions to obtain hospital admitting privileges. The Women's Health and Safe....... [more]

Alabama federal judge to hold trial on abortion law
March 31, 2014
Judge Myron Thompson of the US District Court for the Middle District of Alabama announced on Monday that he would hold a trial on Alabama's new law requiring abortion clinic to have approval to admit patients to nearby hospitals. The Women's Health and Safety Act, which was signed into law last Ap....... [more]

Alabama House approves execution drug secrecy bill
March 7, 2014
On Thursday the Alabama House of Representatives approved a bill that would require information related to suppliers of drugs used in lethal injections to be kept confidential, citing current difficulties obtaining the drugs. The bill is being pushed by the Alabama Department of Corrections, and pa....... [more]

Alabama House approves fetal heartbeat abortion ban
March 5, 2014
The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat detected. The measure passed by a vote of 73-29. A fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as five weeks into pregnancy. Three other abortion bills were also passed by the House Tuesday. The....... [more]

Alabama widower seeks same-sex marriage recognition
February 14, 2014
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on Thursday announced a lawsuit filed in US District Court for the Middle District of Alabama on behalf of widower Paul Hard challenging Alabama's Marriage Protection Act and Sanctity Marriage Amendment (Sanctity Laws) which refuse to recognize same sex marriag....... [more]

Pennsylvania high court rules juvenile murderers not entitled to resentencing
October 31, 2013
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that juvenile murderers who were subject to mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole will not be resentenced if their cases were final before June 2012. The US Supreme Court ruled last year in Miller v. Alabama that the Eighth Amendmen....... [more]

DOJ joins suit against US contractor charged with performing background checks
October 31, 2013
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday announced that it joined a lawsuit filed against United States Investigations Services LLC (USIS), the company charged with performing background investigations on potential employees of various federal agencies. The suit before the US District Court....... [more]

Alabama agrees to permanently block parts of immigration law
October 30, 2013
The state of Alabama agreed Tuesday to permanently block several provisions of its immigration law, according to the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (HICA). The key provisions that were permanently blocked include Sections 28; 11(f) and (g); 10, 11(a), 13, and 27; 12, 18, and 20; and 19. On....... [more]

Alabama files new lawsuit over US health care law
October 28, 2013
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), a Roman Catholic broadcasting network, filed a suit on Monday in federal court to challenge the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) provision that requires employers to includ....... [more]

Redistricting Timeline
October 16, 2013
09/24/2012: Supreme Court reversed redistricting ruling 07/26/2012: Alabama asked federal court to approve new redistricting plan 02/28/2012: Federal court issued new Texas voting district maps 01/20/2012: Supreme Court rejected Texas redistricting maps 07/25/2008: Seventh Circuit held voting di....... [more]


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