February 4, 2012
by Cody Harding
On February 4, 2011, a Danish court sentenced Muhideen Mohammed Geelle to nine years in prison for his 2010 attack on Kurt Westergaard, illustrator of the controversial 2005 cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a suicide bomber. Geelle was armed with an axe and knife when he broke into ...[read more]
October 26, 2011
by Meagan McElroy
On October 26, 2006, the City Court of Aerhus in Denmark dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by seven Muslim organizations against the editors of Jyllands-Posten, a newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in 2005. Islam forbids the pictorial depiction of Muhammad, and worldwide ...[read more]
June 19, 2008
by Andrew Gilmore
The Vestre Landsret, one of the two second-highest appeals courts in Denmark, denied Wednesday an appeal of a 2006 lower court judgment dismissing a lawsuit concerning caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The defamation lawsuit was brought by seven Muslim groups against Jyllands-Posten, a Danish... ...[read more]
March 4, 2008
by Leslie Schulman
Some 200 Afghan parliamentarians demonstrated Tuesday at the parliament building in Kabul against last month's reprinting of a cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Poste. The protesters urged the government to call on Danish envoys to discuss what they... ...[read more]
February 27, 2008
by Mike Rosen-Molina
Sudanese President Omar El Bashir Wednesday addressed a massive rally in Khartoum protesting the reprinting of a cartoon depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad by Jyllands-Poste earlier this month, saying that he would ban all Danish citizens from entering the country and calling on Muslims to ...[read more]
February 24, 2008
by Eric Firkel
Protests broke out in two Indonesian cities Saturday over the reprinting of a cartoon depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Poste. Protesters in the world's most populous Muslim country burned Danish flags and called for the death of the cartoon artist. The d... ...[read more]
February 20, 2008
by Patrick Porter
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said through a spokesperson Wednesday that freedom of expression should take into account respect for religious beliefs. The comments come in response to the recent controversy over the reprinting of a cartoon depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a Danish ...[read more]
February 13, 2008
by Leslie Schulman
Danish newspaper Jyllands-Poste reprinted a cartoon Wednesday drawn by Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard one day after Danish police arrested three people suspected in a plot to murder Westergaard for his characterization of Muhammad. Westergaard was one of 12 cartoonists who published cartoons ...[read more]
February 12, 2008
by Joshua Pantesco
Danish police on Tuesday arrested several people suspected in a plot to murder Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, one of the 12 cartoonists who published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in 2005 that sparked widespread protests across the Islamic world. According to Danish newspaper ...[read more]
January 19, 2008
by Nick Fiske
A Belarus court on Friday sentenced a former newspaper editor to three years in prison for reprinting cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. Alexander Sdvizhkov was the deputy editor of Zhoda, a small Belarus newspaper, when in February 2006 it republished the cartoons that had originally ...[read more]

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