June 10, 2010
by Hillary Stemple
A bipartisan group of US senators on Wednesday introduced the Reduce Unnecessary Spending Act, which would give presidents the authority to use a modified version of the line-item veto in order to cut spending. In a process known as expedited rescission, the president could single out non- ...[read more]
January 28, 2008
by Bernard Hibbitts
US President George W. Bush said in Monday evening's State of Union address that he would issue an executive order Tuesday directing the federal government to ignore any future earmarks included in legislation that are not explicitly voted on by Congress, and that if Congress does not reduce ...[read more]
July 11, 2006
by Joe Shaulis
President Bush again urged the US Senate on Tuesday to pass legislation allowing him to use a line-item veto to weed out what the White House has labeled wasteful spending. In White House remarks on the Office of Management and Budget's Mid-Session Review for 2006, Bush called for the Senate ...[read more]
June 27, 2006
by Joe Shaulis
President Bush on Tuesday again pressed the US Senate to pass a line-item veto bill that was approved by the House last week. Speaking in Washington to members of the Manhattan Institute, Bush emphasized that the bill was crafted to pass constitutional muster: We figured out that, obviously, any ...[read more]
June 25, 2006
by Brett Murphy
President Bush Saturday urged Congress to approve a line-item veto bill in his weekly radio address Saturday, insisting that a line-item veto would allow the President to remove wasteful spending from a bill while preserving the rest. He said current law forces a President to either vet... ...[read more]
June 22, 2006
by Tom Henry
The US House of Representatives voted 247-172 Thursday to pass the Legislative Line-Item Veto Act of 2006. The bill, which President Bush proposed in March, allows the President to strip special spending and earmarks out of a bill, and then send those provisions back to Congress for an up or down ...[read more]
June 14, 2006
by Joe Shaulis
The US House Budget Committee on Wednesday approved legislation that would give the president a line-item veto over individual provisions in spending bills. The Legislative Line-Item Veto Act of 2006 is weaker than the 1996 line-item veto legislation that the US Supreme Court struck down as ...[read more]
April 12, 2006
by Stefanie Presley
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney signed a ground-breaking healthcare bill into law Wednesday, under which almost all residents, including the state's 550,000 uninsured, are required to obtain healthcare coverage. Romney also used his line-item veto power, however, to override eight ...[read more]
March 15, 2006
by JURIST Staff
JURIST Guest Columnist Peter Shane of Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University, says that the Bush Administration's proposed Line-Item Veto Act has only two problems: first, it proposes to create power the President pretty much already has, and second, it is not a line-item veto... Perhaps ...[read more]
March 6, 2006
by Bernard Hibbitts
Legislative Line-Item Veto Act of 2006, White House, March 6, 2006. Read the full text of the bill. Reported in JURIST's Paper Chase here... ...[read more]

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