August 16, 2013
by Blake Lynch
The UK Court of Protection ruled Friday that a man with learning disabilities who does not possess the capacity to provide informed consent should have a vasectomy because it is in his "best interests." The man, known as DE, has already fathered one child with his girlfriend and the child is now ...[read more]
July 20, 2013
by Zachariah Rivenbark
Since Roe, states have reacted in a variety of ways, with most states seeking to limit the availability of abortion. These restrictions have taken various forms, including placing limits based on the gestational age of the fetus, adding informed consent requirements, and placing stricter ...[read more]
April 12, 2013
by Arjun Mishra
On April 12, 2010, Nebraska's unicameral legislature voted 40-9 to approve the Women's Health Protection Act, a bill that required an elevated level of informed consent and physician assessment of women seeking abortions in the state. The bill required physicians to ascertain whether women have ...[read more]
September 5, 2012
by Sung Un Kim
A German state official clarified Wednesday that circumcision for religious reasons is legal in Berlin. State justice minister Thomas Heilmann stated that circumcision would be legal if (1) parents consent to such procedure in writing after they were informed of the associated risks; (2) parents ...[read more]
June 8, 2012
by Rebecca DiLeonardo
Louisiana Governor Bob Jindal signed a bill on Friday increasing abortion restrictions in the state. The bill was approved by the Senate in April as a measure to ensure informed consent for women seeking abortions. The new legislation increases the waiting period between a mandatory ultrasound and ...[read more]
March 20, 2012
by Max Slater
The Idaho State Senate approved a bill on Monday requiring a woman who is seeking an abortion to first receive an ultrasound. The ultrasound bill's purported goal is to ensure that a woman's "consent to an abortion is truly informed consent." The bill requires an abortion provider to describe the ...[read more]
January 24, 2012
by Caleb Pittman
JURIST Guest Columnist Mary Ziegler of Saint Louis University School of Law says that a recent decision by Fifth Circuit gives broad support for laws requiring physicians to provide certain information to patients requesting an abortion, and that this represents a shift in the debate over abortion ...[read more]
September 2, 2011
by Michael Haggerson
The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on Friday partially upheld a South Dakota law which expanded the requirements for informed consent for abortion. The court upheld the provision that requires doctors to tell patients prior to an abortion "that has an existing relationship with that ...[read more]
May 2, 2011
by Clay Flaherty
On May 2, 2007, China officially banned the sale of human organs, following a decision by the State Council. The ban provides penalties for parties participating in such sales — including the revocation of medical licenses, suspension of organ transplants at hospitals, and the dismissal of ...[read more]
November 4, 2010
by Drew Singer
The European Commission on Thursday released a 20-page document outlining recommendations for stronger Internet privacy laws. The recommendations come after a review of its 15 year-old privacy laws. The document addresses issues including "improving the coherence of the data protection legal ...[read more]

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