October 11, 2013
by Samuel Franklin
The European Parliament said Thursday that EU member states' complicity with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) rendition program has led to violations of fundamental rights and must end immediately. Members of European Parliament pointed to the recent disclosures surrounding the National ...[read more]
September 5, 2012
by Katherine Bacher
On September 5, 2008, the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that the Polish government would investigate claims that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was operating a prison in Poland. The alleged prison was said to be part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program. The Legal ...[read more]
March 27, 2012
by Keith Herting
Amnesty International (AI) on Tuesday asked EU member states to reconsider their involvement in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) extraordinary rendition program of forced transfer and secret detention. During a hearing before the European Parliament (EP), the group suggested that the EU ...[read more]
July 6, 2011
by Dwyer Arce
On July 6, 2006, the European Parliament adopted a report that agreed with earlier findings by the Council of Europe (COE) that European states were complicit in alleged incidents of CIA extraordinary rendition. The report criticized European nations for failing to act or complying with CIA ...[read more]
February 14, 2011
by Dwyer Arce
On February 14, 2007, the European Parliament voted 382-256 to approve a report condemning member states for cooperating with the CIA in operating illegal secret prisons and extraordinary rendition flights in Europe. The report condemned the European countries who allowed the CIA to forcibly ...[read more]
November 15, 2007
by Gabriel Haboubi
The European Parliament committee on CIA activities in Europe (TDIP) will reopen its investigation into the alleged operation of secret CIA prisons in Europe, two committee members said Wednesday. Giulietto Chiesa and Claudio Fava said that new evidence of secret prisons and rendition flights in ...[read more]
September 7, 2007
by Mike Rosen-Molina
CIA Director Michael Hayden defended the United States' secret overseas detention and interrogation policy Friday, saying that the program had obtained vital information about the terrorist threat against the US detailed in a July report. Hayden also said that fewer than 100 people total had ...[read more]
July 17, 2007
by Gabriel Haboubi
Some members of the European Parliament criticized Swiss Senator Dick Marty Tuesday for failing to cite sources in his June report to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that accused Poland and Romania of assisting the US Central Intelligence Agency in operating secret prisons for ...[read more]
April 17, 2007
by Alexis Unkovic
A delegation of European Parliament members told two subcommittees of the US House of Representatives Tuesday that the use of extraordinary renditions by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is illegal. At the hearing conducted by the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International ...[read more]
February 28, 2007
by Joshua Pantesco
US State Department Legal Advisor John Bellinger told reporters in Brussels Wednesday that European investigations into allegations of CIA misconduct in Europe may dampen intelligence sharing efforts between the US and European countries. He also said that allegations of torture by the CIA are ...[read more]

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