June 22, 2014
by Julie Deisher-Edwards
Afghanistan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah announced on Wednesday that he has suspended his campaign's cooperation with Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), alleging fraud by the IEC. Hundreds of Abdullah's ...[read more]
January 15, 2014
by Elizabeth LaForgia
Two advocacy groups on Wednesday condemned the slow pace of the criminal case against former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. "A lack of political will and unacceptable court delays are allowing Haiti's former 'president-for-life," Jean-Claude Duvalier to escape justice for human rights ...[read more]
November 5, 2013
by Elizabeth LaForgia
US Attorney General Eric Holder said at an unrelated press conference on Monday that the slow pace of the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind 9/11, would have been avoided had he been tried before a federal civilian court. The military trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ...[read more]
October 23, 2013
by Bradley McAllister
UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan Mendez on Tuesday encouraged governmental review of the UN Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoners adopted in 1955, with particular emphasis on limiting solitary confinement. Mendez noted the rules fail to keep pace with international human rights ...[read more]
March 22, 2013
by Stephanie Kogut
JURIST Guest Columnist Alba Morales, a researcher with Human Rights Watch, argues that indigent defendants are not receiving proper instructions regarding their right to counsel, a problem leading to uneducated plea bargains...The day's business in the Midland County Court Court-at-Law #2 in Mid... ...[read more]
March 19, 2013
by Ben Klaber
JURIST Guest Columnists Randolph M. McLaughlin (pictured) and Jonathan A. Jarrell of Pace Law School say stop-and-frisk tactics contribute to a distrust of police and a lack of cooperation in criminal investigations...For years, New York City police officers have practiced a crime prevention ...[read more]
September 5, 2012
by Katherine Bacher
On September 5, 2008, the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that the Polish government would investigate claims that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was operating a prison in Poland. The alleged prison was said to be part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program. The Legal ...[read more]
December 12, 2011
by Brandon Gatto
Delegates from 194 countries at the Durban UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa agreed on Sunday to negotiate global initiatives that would eventually force countries to take legally-binding action in order to slow the pace of climate change. After two weeks of debate, the delegates agreed ...[read more]
December 9, 2011
by Ben Klaber
JURIST Guest Columnist David Cassuto of Pace Law School says the Belo Monte project that has been embroiled in litigation for decades has gained momentum and even a sense of inevitability despite widespread protests and threats of violence from the indigenous tribes whose lands and lives are at ...[read more]
April 8, 2011
by Alexandra Malatesta
Tens of thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday to demand the prosecution of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, his family, and members of his regime. The protests reveal Egyptians' growing frustration with the pace at which the current military council is pursuing the ...[read more]

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