Chinese Uighurs Guantanamo detention ruling [US DC]

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Abu Bakker Qassim et al. v. George W. Bush et al., United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Judge James Robertson, December 22, 2005 [ruling that two Chinese Uighur detainees held by the US at Guantanamo Bay can be detained there indefinitely even though their imprisonment is unlawful]. Excerpt:
These petitioners are Chinese nationals who received military training in Afghanistan under the Taliban. China is keenly interested in their return. An order requiring their release into the United States—-even into some kind of parole "bubble," some legal-fictional status in which they would be here but would not have been "admitted"—-would have national security and diplomatic implications beyond the competence or the authority of this Court.
Read the full text of the ruling [PDF]. Reported in JURIST's Paper Chase here.

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