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Since Edward Snowden leaked confidential documents to British newspaper The Guardian in June 2013, people have been asking questions relating to the US government's surveillance of a wide swath of the population. PRISM, authorized by the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, is a program which allegedly taps into cell phone records, online activity, and other information to create a database of foreign and domestic persons and their activities.

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 Bolivia president demands return of Chile coastline
10:32 AM ET, April 16

 UN rights expert urges Israel to prevent settlement of West Bank building
10:01 AM ET, April 16

 Federal judge blocks Massachusetts ban on painkiller Zohydro
7:29 AM ET, April 16

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 The Best Argument for Same-Sex Marriage Isn't Love?It's Taxes
April 14, 2014

 Title VII and the Interplay of Racial and Economic Justice
April 6, 2014

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