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Supreme Court to develop electronic filing system as soon as 2016
January 2, 2015
US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts announced in the 2014 Year-End Report Wednesday that the Supreme Court is developing an electronic filing system, expected to be operational in 2016. This will make documents available online to the public with no charge, including petitions, responses to....... [more]

Supreme Court rules abortion clinic buffer zone violates First Amendment
June 26, 2014
The US Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Massachusetts law creating a 35-foot protester-free buffer zone around the entrance or driveway of an abortion clinic is unconstitutional. In McCullen v. Coakley the court considered the questions of whether the buffer zone, created by the Reproductive Hea....... [more]

Supreme Court rules warrant required to search arrestee's cell phone
June 25, 2014
The US Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police officers must obtain a warrant before searching a person's cell phone data, even at the time of arrest. In Riley v. California and United States v. Wurie, the court considered the question of whether a search of cell phone data without a warrant viol....... [more]

Chief Justice refuses to stay drug patent ruling
April 19, 2014
US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts denied the request of Teva Pharmaceuticals USA for a stay on the lower court ruling. The appeals court's ruling made Teva's Copaxone drug available to be produced in a generic form. Teva sought to have this delayed until the Supreme Court is able to hear....... [more]

Supreme Court chief justice refuses to block health care law
January 7, 2014
Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme Court on Monday refused to grant a temporary injunction blocking the Obama administration from enforcing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), denying two doctor's groups' plea arguing the entire law is unconstitutional due to the method....... [more]

The Supreme Court Rules There Is No One Left Standing To Appeal Prop. 8
June 28, 2013
JURIST Guest Columnist Jessica Levinson of Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, examines the US Supreme Court's recent decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry...In a 5-4 opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the US Supreme Court has ruled that there is simply no one left standing to appeal California....... [more]

Supreme Court refused to block DC same-sex marriage law
March 2, 2013
On March 2, 2010, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal to prevent Washington DC's same-sex marriage law from taking effect. Chief Justice John Roberts, acting as the DC Circuit judge, abjured an application requesting a stay of the Religion Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Act of 2009 pending fur....... [more]

Supreme Court rules on securities fraud statute of limitations
February 28, 2013
The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Gabelli v. Securities and Exchange Commission that the statute of limitations under 28 USC § 2462 begins tolling when the fraud occurs, not when it is discovered. Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the opinion of the court. The federal government and....... [more]

Supreme Court: state courts may hear malpractice claims arising out of patent disputes
February 20, 2013
The US Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously in Gunn v. Minton that federal law does not deprive state courts of subject matter jurisdiction over a state law claim alleging legal malpractice in a patent case. Delivering the opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that while federal courts h....... [more]

Supreme Court upheld Oregon assisted suicide law
January 17, 2013
On January 17, 2006, the US Supreme Court upheld an Oregon law that permitted assisted suicide in certain cases. The Court determined that the Controlled Substances Act does not prevent the distribution of certain lethal drugs used in the implementation of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act. This ca....... [more]

Chief Justice Roberts calls for more judicial resources in annual report
January 1, 2013
Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts on Monday released his 2012 year-end report, in which he urged the executive and legislative branches to address the needs of the federal judiciary in terms of financial and human resources. Roberts noted that the judiciary has been receiving only a s....... [more]


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