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Immigration is the act of moving to or settling in another country or region, temporarily or permanently. An immigrant is someone who intends to reside permanently, and not a casual visitor or traveler. Immigration means "in-migration" into a country, and is the reverse of emigration, or "out-migration." The long term and/or permanent movement of human population in general, whether into, out of, or within countries (or before the existence of recognised countries) is regarded as migration... [ Wikipedia ]

Federal judge rules immigrants have same gun carrying rights as citizens
April 1, 2014
A judge for the US District Court for the District of New Mexico ruled Monday that the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause mandates that legally residing immigrants be afforded the same rights to obtain a concealed-carry weapon permit as citizens. Judge M. Christina Armijo held that there was no....... [more]

Rights group condemns treatment of Greece migrants
April 1, 2014
International medical aid group Doctors Without Borders on Tuesday condemned the unsanitary detention conditions of migrants found in Greece without correct paperwork. The report expressed concern over detention facilities where migrants are kept in large numbers in cramped, unsanitary conditions wi....... [more]

Morsi ally sentenced for hiding wanted Muslim Brotherhood official
March 30, 2014
The Giza Misdemeanour Court on Sunday sentenced Mohammed Morsi's former manpower minister Khaled al-Azhari to two years in prison for hiding a wanted Muslim Brotherhood official. Al-Azhari served as deputy chairman of the parliamentary Manpower Committee in 2012, and he was named Minister of Manpowe....... [more]

South Carolina drops defense of controversial immigration law
March 4, 2014
The South Carolina Attorney General's Office said Monday that it would comply with a court order enjoining it from enforcing the controversial "show me your papers" provision of the state's recently enacted immigration law. In what is being called a victory for immigrants' rights, the state will no....... [more]

Supreme Court denies review of anti-immigrant housing ordinances
March 3, 2014
The US Supreme Court on Monday denied review of two cases involving local ordinances that sought to deny housing to undocumented immigrants. The court's denial will will let stand lower court rulings that the ordinances are unconstitutional and prohibited from taking effect in their proposed locatio....... [more]

Washington state lawmakers pass financial aid bill for undocumented immigrants
February 19, 2014
Washington state legislators on Tuesday approved a bill to make college students who were brought to the US illegally by their parents eligible for need-based college financial aid. The legislation, called the Real Hope Act, was passed in the state's House of Representatives by 75 to 22 votes with....... [more]

Nebraska voters reaffirm ordinance denying housing to undocumented immigrants
February 12, 2014
Residents of Fremont, Nebraska, voted on Tuesday to reaffirm Ordinance 5165, which prohibits harboring, hiring or renting to undocumented immigrants. The law was initially approved in 2010, but its implementation was delayed during a federal lawsuit over the law's constitutionality. Last year a t....... [more]

Guatemala ex-soldier sentenced to 10 years in US prison for ties to 1982 massacre
February 11, 2014
A judge for the US District Court for the Central District of California on Monday sentenced former Guatemalan soldier Jorge Sosa Orantes to a maximum of 10 years in federal prison for lying on his immigration forms about his role in a 1982 massacre in which around 200 people were killed. Orantes is....... [more]

The Effect of Anti-Immigrant State Laws on Illinois Temporary Driver's License Initiatives
January 17, 2014
JURIST Guest Columnist Noeli Serna, Chicago-Kent College of Law Class of 2016, discusses the city of Chicago's new driver's license policy and the extent to which states can implement their own immigration laws in accordance with federal immigration laws...The influence and power of local and state....... [more]

NJ governor signs in-state tuition bill for undocumented immigrants
December 21, 2013
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a controversial immigration bill Friday that will allow students in the country illegally to be eligible for in-state rates to attend state colleges, effective immediately. Christie's administration and the state senate reached a compromise on what has been....... [more]

HRW: Israel is effectively detaining Africa asylum-seekers
December 18, 2013
Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report Wednesday claiming that Israel's new detention facility violates an order of the Supreme Court of Israel, which ruled in September that the detention of undocumented immigrants for up to three years without trial was unconstitutional. In response, the Isra....... [more]



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