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Netherlands high court bans pedophile group
April 18, 2014
The Supreme Court of The Netherlands on Friday banned an online group, "Martijn," that advocates for the legalization of pedophilia. The court held that the dangers of pedophilia are too great to allow the group to continue. This is because, the court reasoned, children are particularly vulnerable....... [more]

European Court of Justice declares Netherlands 'piracy levy' unlawful
April 11, 2014
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Thursday that the Netherlands' "piracy levy" tax added to the purchase price of copying materials such as blank CDs or DVDs does not properly account for the loss to copyright holders resulting from unlawful copies of protected work. The court stated that....... [more]

Dutch government to compensate families of Srebrenica victims
April 10, 2014
The Dutch government on Thursday announced plans to compensate relatives of three men killed during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. Each family will receive ?20,000 euros (USD $27,734) as compensation for the deaths of their relatives. The decision came seven months after the Supreme Court rul....... [more]

Srebrenica massacre survivors open civil suit against Dutch government
April 7, 2014
A civil lawsuit against the Dutch government filed by mothers and widows of men killed in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre opened in the Hague District Court on Monday. The Mothers of Srebrenica, a group representing 6,000 women who lost family members during the massacre, originally filed the lawsuit....... [more]

EU to set up international war crimes tribunal for Serbia war
April 4, 2014
The Associated Press has discovered plans by the European Union to instate a war crimes tribunal to deal specifically with allegations focusing on offenses committed by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian rebels during the 1998 war with Serbia. During the war, the Albanian rebels were supported by NATO and are....... [more]

Dutch politician faces discrimination complaints after anti-Moroccan comments
April 3, 2014
Dutch prosecutors on Thursday said that more than 5,000 people in the Netherlands have filed complaints against Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders for discrimination following anti-Moroccan comments Wilders made during municipal election campaigning. Prosecutors are currently reviewing the....... [more]

Dutch police arrest Balkans war crimes suspect
March 30, 2014
The Dutch public prosecutor announced on Friday that police have arrested a man suspected of war crimes during the 1990s Yugoslav wars after a request for his extradition from Croatia. Milutin Graic, 41, was living in Roosendaal, near the Netherlands' border with Belgium. Graic is accused of being a....... [more]

Belgium Parliament votes to extend euthanasia law to terminally ill minors
February 14, 2014
The lower house of Belgian Parliament gave final approval on Thursday to a bill that would extend the country's euthanasia law to certain cases of terminally ill minors. The legislation, approved by a vote of 86 to 44 with 12 abstentions, would extend a 2002 law that allows euthanasia for terminall....... [more]

Dutch court lifts order banning Pirate Bay file-sharing site
January 28, 2014
The Hague Court of Appeals in the Netherlands on Tuesday overturned a 2011 order of the District Court that required two major Dutch Internet providers to block customers from a list of addresses linked to The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is an open source torrent search website that can provide users....... [more]

Romania court finds immunity law unconstitutional
January 15, 2014
Romania's Constitutional Court on Wednesday rejected legislation that would make it more difficult to prosecute elected government officials and make libel a criminal offense after criticism from abroad. The draft law would have provided lawmakers and government officials immunity from prosecution i....... [more]

Germany court drops case against 92-year-old former Nazi
January 8, 2014
A judge for Germany's Hagen State Court on Wednesday dropped the case against 92-year-old Siert Bruins, a former member of the Nazi Waffen SS. Prosecutors had accused Bruins of executing captured Dutch Nazi-opposition fighter Aldert Klaas Dijkema in September 1944 outside the town of Appingedam. Br....... [more]


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