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Apple, Samsung agree to forgo international patent lawsuits
August 8, 2014
Apple and Samsung on Wednesday agreed to drop all patent infringement lawsuits in courts outside of the US. The move will result in the abandonment of litigation in nine countries, including South Korea, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain. The two comp....... [more]

Groups urge Thailand to establish Surrogacy laws
August 3, 2014
Surrogacy campaigners on Saturday urged for the Thailand government to provide clearer regulations to address domestic and international surrogacy issues. Currently, Thailand does not have any established laws which speak to issues regarding surrogacy. The movement for surrogacy laws in Thailand has....... [more]

Amnesty launches global anti-torture campaign
May 15, 2014
Amnesty International (AI) on Monday launched a global anti-torture campaign, as it released a report summarizing the results of a global survey analyzing attitudes towards torture in 141 countries. The report found that 44 percent of the 21,000 people surveyed would not feel safe from torture if ar....... [more]

Australia court recognizes 'non-specific' gender
April 2, 2014
The High Court of Australia ruled on Wednesday that a person can be legally recognized as gender neutral. "Norrie," who was born male but underwent a "sex affirmation procedure" in 1989, sought to be officially categorized as gender "non specific." Though the NSW Regisry of Birth, Deaths, and Marria....... [more]

Federal judge rules immigrants have same gun carrying rights as citizens
April 1, 2014
A judge for the US District Court for the District of New Mexico ruled Monday that the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause mandates that legally residing immigrants be afforded the same rights to obtain a concealed-carry weapon permit as citizens. Judge M. Christina Armijo held that there was no....... [more]

ICJ: Japan must halt whaling program
March 31, 2014
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled Monday that Japan cannot continue its annual whale hunt, finding that it is not being carried out for the scientific purposes the Japanese government had claimed. This 12-4 decision was the result of a suit brought against Japan by Australia, which hope....... [more]

UN human rights office urges Australia reconsider asylum policy
February 21, 2014
The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) called for changes to the way Australia deals with asylum seekers. As of August 2013, Australia transfers all individuals seeking asylum to a holding camp in Papua New Guinea. From here, they are processed and eventually resettled outsi....... [more]

Investigation reveals possible war crimes during Sri Lanka civil war
February 5, 2014
The Public Interest Advocacy Center (PIAC), an Australian nonprofit legal advocacy group, released a report on Tuesday detailing possible war crimes and crimes against humanity during the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war. The reports findings will be incorporated into an upcoming meeting o....... [more]

Australia to investigate effects of detention on undocumented immigrant children
February 3, 2014
The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on Monday launched an official government inquiry into the ways in which immigration detention affects the health, well-being and development of child detainees. According to AHRC, more than 1,000 undocumented immigrant children are currently detained be....... [more]

Australian Bank Fees: Who Pays the Overdraft?
January 30, 2014
JURIST Guest Columnist Andrew Watson of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers explains the story behind Australia's largest consumer class action...Why do banks charge late fees? Over limit fees? Honor and dishonor fees? Are they punishment for misbehaving customers or fees for services? A judgment shortly due....... [more]

Australia high court overturns same-sex marriage legislation
December 12, 2013
The High Court of Australia on Thursday struck down The Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Act of 2013, which allowed same-sex couples to marry within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The court ruled by unanimous decision that the act cannot operate concurrently with the federal Marriage Act of 19....... [more]


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