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Academic Commentary
20 May 2015
by Mark A. Summers of Barry University School of Law

JURIST Guest Columnist Mark A. Summers of Barry University School of Law discusses the legality of choice of weapons in the Syrian war in the context of International Humanitarian Law ... Amnesty International (AI) recently condemned the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Asad government and … [read more]

Professional Commentary
7 May 2015
by Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defending Freedom

JURIST Guest Columnist Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defending Freedom discusses the benefits of religious freedom to liberty protections ... Listening carefully to objections to state religious freedom laws, two assumptions emerge that are demonstratively false. Those who assert them should weigh their implications carefully and reconsider their opposition to … [read more]

Academic Commentary
1 Apr 2015
by Kevin Govern of Ave Maria School of Law

JURIST Guest Columnist Kevin Govern, of Ave Maria School of Law, considers the ramifications of the recent Arab League agreement to form a joint force in the context of historic efforts on joint defense and economic cooperation ... JURIST recently noted the 22-member League of Arab States (a/k/a Arab League) … [read more]

Academic Commentary
31 Mar 2015
by Morse Tan of Northern Illinois University College of Law

JURIST Guest Columnist Morse Tan of Northern Illinois University College of Law discusses North Korea and Syria nuclear programs and argues that the noticeable links between the two pose a significant threat to global security...More links North Korea and Syria than what many realize. Besides a similar population of approximately … [read more]

Academic Commentary
22 Dec 2014
by Sascha-Dominik Bachmann of Bournemouth University

JURIST Guest Columnist Sascha-Dominik Bachmann, of Bournemouth University in the UK, discusses the present use of incendiary weapons within its legal framework and why the use of such weapons is most likely to continue, as a response to Human Rights Watch's call to end incendiary weapon use in Ukraine and … [read more]

Professional Commentary
25 Nov 2014
by Nathaniel R. Helms of

JURIST Guest Columnist Nathaniel R. Helms, author of No Time for Truth: The Marines, Justice, and the Haditha Incident, discusses the Haditha Incident and the military justice system ...Kenneth Englade recently offered his interpretation of the so-called Haditha Massacre, an unfortunate label applied to a far more reprehensible event that … [read more]

Academic Commentary
3 Jul 2014
by Haider Ala Hamoudi of University of Pittsburgh School of Law

JURIST Contributing Editor Haider Ala Hamoudi of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law discusses Grand Ayatollah Sisani's call for jihad against ISIS in Iraq ... As has been widely discussed, Grand Ayatollah Sistani recently issued a call for jihad against the terrorist organization currently rampaging throughout much of Iraq, … [read more]

Professional Commentary
3 Jul 2014
by Bilal Khan of United Kingdom's government sector

JURIST Guest Columnist Bilal Khan discusses the legal implications of the use of force against ISIS in IRAQ... The Factual Background The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) made headlines in June, when it escalated its offensives in Iraq. By June 10, it had captured Iraq's second largest … [read more]

Professional Commentary
9 Jun 2014
by Bonnie Docherty of Human Rights Watch

JURIST Guest Columnist Bonnie Docherty of Human Rights Watch discusses fully autonomous weapons and their human rights implications... Fully autonomous weapons, which could select and fire on targets without meaningful human intervention, have the potential to revolutionize the nature of warfare, bringing greater speed and reach to military operations. In … [read more]

Academic Commentary
22 May 2014
by Sascha Bachmann of Bournemouth University

JURIST Guest Columnist Sascha-Dominik Bachmann of Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom argues that while their recent annexation of Crimea and apparent willingness to use military force in Eastern Ukraine, the prospect of a Ukrainian civil war has diminished the need for Russia to engage in an overt and open … [read more]

Legal News
14 May 2014
by Ann Schober

[JURIST] Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] said [news release] on Tuesday that it has strong evidence the Syrian government used chemical weapons on three rebel-held towns in Northern Syria last month. The announcement reveals results of a two-week investigation [press release] by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical … [read more]

Professional Commentary
19 Apr 2014
by Mary Wareham of Human Rights Watch

JURIST Guest Columnist Mary Wareham of Human Rights Watch discusses the US use of landmines and the possibility of the US joining the Mine Ban Treaty... Since antipersonnel landmines were banned by a majority of nations 15 years ago via an international treaty, their use even by those outside the … [read more]

Legal News
5 Mar 2014
by Benjamin Minegar

[JURIST] The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic [official website] on Wednesday urged [official report; press release] the international community to respond to recent and reoccurring crimes against humanity perpetrated by both government and non-government entities during the ongoing Syrian Civil War [JURIST backgrounder]. The … [read more]

Academic Commentary
1 Feb 2014

JURIST Guest Columnist Morse Tan of Northern Illinois College of Law argues that the atrocities in Syria present a complex problem in international law that must be navigated so the people of the embattled nation may be protected ... Over 100,000 people have lost their lives in atrocities committed during … [read more]

Academic Commentary
26 Nov 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Jeffrey Addicott of St. Mary's University School of Law says that the Second Circuit's opinion upholding the conviction of alien enemy combatant Ghailani offers a unique view into how a federal appeals court grapples with the legal complexities existing between law of war concerns and domestic criminal … [read more]

Legal News
13 Nov 2013
by Bradley McAllister

[JURIST] Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] on Wednesday encouraged action [press release] on behalf of UN members at the upcoming 2013 Convention for Conventional Weapons (CCW) [UN website] on November 14-15, chaired by Ambassador Jean-Hughes Simon-Michel of France. The advocacy group supports France's initiative to add fully autonomous weapons … [read more]

Student Commentary
3 Nov 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Leslie Esbrook, Yale Law School Class of 2015, shows how the current international framework applies to recent international conflicts...Human Rights Watch released a report documenting war crimes committed by Syrian rebels on August 4 and urged the Security Council to refer the rebel groups to the International … [read more]

Academic Commentary
11 Oct 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Patricio Galella of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law argues that if diplomacy with Syria fails, and the UN Security Council is deadlocked, states would face a lasting dilemma: violate international law by using force without Security Council authorization or stay still and confirm the … [read more]

Student Commentary
30 Sep 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Paul Juzdan, Seton Hall University School of Law Class of 2014, is the author of a series commenting on the Syrian civil war. Previously, Juzdan explained the nature and complexity of identifying the rebels in Syria and the implications of using the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine … [read more]

Legal News
17 Sep 2013
by Elizabeth LaForgia

[JURIST] UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [official profile] stated [video; transcript] Monday that UN inspectors have confirmed that "chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale" in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21, causing numerous civilian casualties in violation of international law. A report [text, PDF] issued by chief … [read more]

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