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15 Nov 2015
by Christopher Dellana

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), have become synonymous with the chemical and biological alteration of the modern food supply since their introduction in the mid 1990s. GMOs promote desirable plant genetics, which results in savings for both farmers and consumers. Beyond this, the use of GMOs in crops results in the … [read more]

Legal News
27 Nov 2014
by Kimberly Bennett

[JURIST] Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] on Thursday released a report [press release] detailing its concern that people hoping to gain their land back under the Victims Land and Restitution Law [Law 1448, text, in Spanish] in Colombia may face problems ranging from bureaucracy to intimidation, causing them to fail … [read more]

Legal News
8 Nov 2014
by William Helbling

[JURIST] The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) on Saturday agreed to organize an intelligence network [press release] with participating nations in an effort to combat corruption within the region. APEC acknowledged the necessity of a network between countries because current government corruption "impedes economic sustainability and development, threatens social security and … [read more]

Student Commentary
5 Mar 2014
by Tara Pakrouh of Widener University School of Law
edited by Endia Vereen

JURIST Guest Columnist Tara Pakrouh, Widener University School of Law Class of 2015, discusses Merck & Co.'s $100 million settlement concerning the corporation's NuvaRing contraceptive device, the board's liability and the fiduciary duties it owes to its shareholders...In a December 2000 email to his colleagues, the Director of US Reproductive … [read more]

Legal News
7 Nov 2013
by Kimberly Bennett

[JURIST] The US on Thursday became the first country to ratify [press release] the Minamata Convention [text, PDF], which seeks to bring down emissions and releases of mercury, prompting praise from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) [official website]. There are currently 93 signatories to the convention, but the US is … [read more]

Legal News
21 Sep 2013
by Julie Deisher-Edwards

[JURIST] UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [official profile] called on business leaders to work with the US to pursue and promote sustainable development [press release] worldwide in a statement made on Friday at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit [official website] in New York. The Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 [PDF] … [read more]

Legal News
28 Mar 2013
by Keith Herting

[JURIST] The Canadian government announced Wednesday that it is withdrawing from a UN convention intended to fight droughts in Africa. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper [official website] claimed [CTV report] the move was necessary as the convention was "too bureaucratic" and that only one fifth of the CAN $350,000 contributed … [read more]

Legal News
14 Feb 2013
by Keith Herting

[JURIST] A federal judge on Thursday accepted the guilty plea of Transocean Deepwater Inc. [corporate website] along with a criminal settlement of $400 million and $1 billion in civil penalties for the company's violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) [EPA summary] during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill [BBC … [read more]

Legal News
4 Jan 2013
by Daniel Mullen

[JURIST] The US Department of Justice (DOJ) [official website] on Thursday announced a settlement [press release] with Transocean Deepwater Inc. [corporate website] for the company's role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill [BBC backgrounder]. Transocean pleaded guilty [text, PDF] to "negligently discharging oil into the Gulf of Mexico," in … [read more]

Legal News
26 Sep 2012
by Matthew Pomy

[JURIST] Independent UN human rights Rita Izsak called [press release] Wednesday for Bosnia and Herzgovina (BIH) [UN backgrounder] to do more to promote minority rights and unity. Izsak emphasized the need to encourage integration among the minority groups at all levels of society, specifically when dealing with education. She discussed … [read more]

Legal News
12 Jul 2012
by Dan Taglioli

[JURIST] The Supreme Court of Estonia [official website; press release] ruled Thursday that the treaty to establish the euro area's permanent rescue fund does not offend the Estonian constitution. The court, sitting en banc, held that a restriction on the financial authority on the Riigikogu [official website], Estonia's parliament, imposed … [read more]

Student Commentary
10 Jul 2012

JURIST Columnist Volha Samasiuk holds an LL.M. from the University of Arkansas School of Law. In the second entry of a two-part series, she argues for changes in social policy to address food security... The dramatic population growth in developing countries raises concerns about particular social issues, such as family … [read more]

Student Commentary
4 Jul 2012

JURIST Columnist Volha Samasiuk holds an LL.M. from the University of Arkansas School of Law and she was formerly a legal consultant for the Belarus Food Safety Improvement Project. In the first entry of a two-part series, Samasiuk discusses the importance of food sustainability with the ever-increasing world population...Statisticians project … [read more]

Student Commentary
22 Mar 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Luis Vasconcelos is a LL.M. Candidate at the Católica Global School of Law, a Lisbon-based faculty of the Catholic University of Portugal. In this first entry of a four-part series on the realities and priorities of Portuguese sovereign debt management, Vasconcelos explains the legal constraints and enabling … [read more]

Student Commentary
13 Dec 2011

JURIST Guest Columnist Dominic Hoerauf, Columbia Law School Class of 2012, is a Staff Editor on the Columbia Human Rights Law Review. He argues that the Obama administration's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq by December 31 is misguided as the goals embodied in the authorization for the war have … [read more]

Academic Commentary
6 Dec 2011

JURIST Guest Columnist Jules Lobel of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law says that if the Occupy Movement can create organizational forms that combine its democratic, egalitarian origins with ongoing direct action, a narrative of solidarity, equality and democracy over the long term, it will have made a major … [read more]

Legal News
25 May 2011
by Zach Zagger

[JURIST] The Brazil House of Deputies [official website, in Portuguese] passed reforms to the the country's forest code Tuesday that ease restrictions on deforestation and provide amnesty for prior deforestation violations. The amended code would allow [press release, in Portuguese] small farmers to cut down trees on hilltops and along … [read more]

Academic Commentary
8 Jun 2009

JURIST Guest Columnist Zeray Yihdego of Oxford Brookes University School of Social Sciences and Law says that the UN and the world's powers must act to help stabilize Somalia, too long plagued by clan infighting, lawlessness, regional conflict involving Ethiopia and Eritrea, and now maritime piracy... The Transitional Federal Government … [read more]

Legal News
22 Dec 2008
by Benjamin Klein

[JURIST] Russia's Federation Council [official website, in Russian], the upper house of parliament, gave final approval Monday to amendments to the Russian Constitution [materials] that would extend presidential terms [Article 81(1) text] from four to six years and terms for parliament members [Article 96(1) text] from four to five years. … [read more]

Professional Commentary
8 Apr 2008

Aleksandar Momirov [lecturer, Erasmus University]: "In what has been perceived as an astonishing judgment by many, the Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) acquitted Ramush Haradinaj and Idriz Balaj of all charges, while finding the third co-accused in the Haradinaj et al. case, Lahi … [read more]

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