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Academic Commentary
2 days ago
by Glenn C. Smith of California Western School of Law
edited by Dave Rodkey

JURIST Guest Columnist Glenn C. Smith of the California Western School of Law discusses the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act...All petitions to have a lower-court ruling reviewed by the US Supreme Court are long shots. Still, the recently-filed petition for certiorari in Sissel v. DHHS [PDF] — contending … [read more]

Legal News
15 Nov 2015
by Jacqueline Jones

[JURIST] Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] said [HRW report] Sunday that Saudi Arabia's new labor laws have helped to stop abuses of migrant workers, but the reforms fail to meet the needs of domestic workers. The 38 amendments [amendments, in Arabic] went into effect last month. The Labor ministry … [read more]

Legal News
1 Nov 2015
by Jacqueline Jones

[JURIST] Egypt has prevented hundreds of individuals from leaving the country over the past year, Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] reported [text] Sunday. The government has reportedly denied permission to political leaders, youth activists, people associated with nongovernmental groups and a former aide to ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Those … [read more]

Legal News
19 Oct 2015
by Brittany Felder

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Texas on Friday issued a temporary order [text] allowing Texas officials to continue denying birth certificates to children of immigrants. Earlier this year a group of undocumented immigrants sued the state because the state refused to issue … [read more]

Legal News
29 Sep 2015
by William Helbling

[JURIST] United Arab Emirates (UAE) Labor Minister Saqr Ghobash on Tuesday announced new labor reforms [press release, in Arabic] to provide increased oversight on the thousands of employment agreements conducted with temporary migrant workers. Ghobash told reporters [AP report] that the new reforms will be rolled out in three government … [read more]

Legal News
23 Sep 2015
by Jacqueline Jones

[JURIST] Hungary's National Assembly [official website, in Hungarian] on Tuesday approved a law allowing the Hungarian army to use non-lethal weapons on refugees entering the country illegally. The new law allows the army to assist police in checking passports, controlling the flow of migrant traffic and detaining suspects. However, the … [read more]

Legal News
14 Jul 2015
by Brittany Felder

[JURIST] China has significantly restricted the freedom of movement [HRW report] for Tibetans and other minorities said Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] on Monday. Referencing a report [report] released by HRW last week, the rights group stated that China's two-tiered passport issuing system essentially requires residents of certain areas … [read more]

Legal News
10 Apr 2015
by Ashley Hogan

[JURIST] The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) [advocacy websites] filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] Thursday on behalf of US citizens still in Yemen against the US State Department and the Department of Defense [official websites] for allegedly failing to launch an evacuation plan. The … [read more]

Legal News
31 Mar 2015
by Alison Sacriponte

[JURIST] The Malaysian government on Monday proposed two laws that would reintroduce indefinite detention without trial and allow the seizure of passports of anyone suspected of supporting acts of terror. While the government hopes to curb Islamic militant activities, critics say the laws could restrict civil liberties [News24 report]. The … [read more]

Legal News
10 Feb 2015
by Elizabeth LaForgia

[JURIST] Labor abuses persist in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) despite attempts at reform, Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] reported [text] Tuesday. The report details the exploitation of migrant workers building a high-profile cultural complex in the UAE that includes branches of the Louvre and the Guggenheim museums. In … [read more]

Academic Commentary
24 Dec 2014
by Elinor Fry of VU University Amsterdam
edited by Yuxin Jiang

JURIST Guest Columnist Elinor Fry, of VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands, discusses the ICC's problematic jurisdiction over foreign Islamic state fighters...In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung published on November 20, the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, said her office is considering the possibility of investigating acts … [read more]

Legal News
3 Nov 2014
by Jaclyn Belczyk

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] heard oral arguments [day call, PDF] Monday on the constitutionality of a federal statute requiring the Secretary of State, on request, to endorse passports of US citizens born in Jerusalem with "Israel" as the place of birth. In Zivotofsky v. Kerry [transcript, PDF; … [read more]

Legal News
23 Oct 2014
by Jenna Decker

[JURIST] Female migrant domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are facing abuse and exploitation [press release], Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] reported [text, PDF] Thursday. The group pointed to UAE's visa sponsorship program, coupled with the lack of laws to protect domestic laborers, as the salient causes … [read more]

Legal News
30 Aug 2014
by Julie Deisher-Edwards

[JURIST] The UK's Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) [official website] on Friday changed the threat level for terrorist attacks against the UK [press release] from "substantial" to "severe," indicating that a terrorist attack against the UK is highly likely, although there is no evidence to suggest an attack is imminent. … [read more]

Legal News
21 Apr 2014
by Benjamin Minegar

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] on Monday granted certiorari [order list, PDF] in three cases slated for argument during the October 2014 term. In Zivotofsky v. Kerry [SCOTUSblog backgrounder], the court will address the constitutionality of a federal statute requiring the Secretary of State, on request, to endorse … [read more]

Legal News
26 Feb 2014
by Bradley McAllister

[JURIST] British police counter-terrorism forces announced on Tuesday the arrest of Moazzam Begg [Guardian backgrounder] in his hometown of Birmingham, England, along with three other individuals on suspicion of terrorism offenses related to the war in Syria [JURIST backgrounder]. Begg was a detainee at Guantanamo Bay [JURIST backgrounder], and he … [read more]

Academic Commentary
17 Feb 2014

JURIST Contributing Editor David Crane of the Syracuse University College of Law discusses some of the alleged human rights abuses occurring in connection with preparations for international sporting events ...As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia draw to a close, many eyes are on the athletes competing for the … [read more]

Legal News
24 Nov 2013
by Benjamin Minegar

[JURIST] Bahraini authorities on Saturday arrested and charged [press release] two former Guantanamo Bay [JURIST backgrounder] detainees for plotting an attack in Bahrain. Reports indicate authorities caught the former detainees as they attempted to cross into Bahrain from Saudi Arabia on the King Fahad Causeway using forged passports. Bahrain's Interior … [read more]

Legal News
25 Jul 2013
by G. Redd

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] Wednesday that Israel cannot be listed as the place of birth on US passports for citizens born in Jerusalelm. Section 214(d) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act [text, PDF] requires the State Department … [read more]

Student Commentary
12 Jul 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Andrea Miller, University of Minnesota Law School Class of 2015, explains how Judge Korman's decision in Tummino v. Hamburg creates solid policy and legal precedent...US District Judge Edward Korman recently brought some much-needed closure to a 12-year legal debate over the regulatory status of emergency contraception (EC … [read more]

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