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Legal News
2 Jan 2016
by Shriram T. Eachambadi

Three book authors and their advocacy organization, the Authors Guild [advocacy website], challenged Google's massive book-copying and search project before the US Supreme Court [official website]. The petition [PDF] alleges that Google, in cooperation with various university libraries, took essentially all the books off shelves and scanned them rather than … [read more]

Legal News
17 Oct 2015
by Steven Wildberger

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] Friday that Google's efforts to digitize millions of books for an online library is permissible fair use. Google [corporate website] has scanned more than 20 million books since 2004 in an effort to provide people … [read more]

Professional Commentary
4 Aug 2015
by David A. Cortman of Alliance Defending Freedom
edited by Elizabeth Dennis

JURIST Guest Columnist David A. Cortman, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, discusses the implications of the Supreme Court decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert... 

The government is relatively good at some things: protecting its citizens through police and fire departments, collecting and spending money (sometimes too good) and … [read more]

Legal News
21 Jul 2015
by Valerie Howell

[JURIST] The US on Monday completed the re-opening [press release, PDF] of diplomatic ties with Cuba by converting the standing US Interests Section into the US Embassy Havana [official website]. The re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba was first announced [JURIST report] by President Barack Obama [official … [read more]

Legal News
23 Sep 2014
by Alison Sacriponte

[JURIST] A divided New Jersey Supreme Court [official website] on Monday ruled [opinion, PDF] that requiring a sex offender to wear a GPS tracking device after he has completed his sentence violates the federal and state constitutions. The 2007 Sex Offender Monitoring Act (SOMA) [text, PDF] requires the states highest-risk … [read more]

Legal News
13 Sep 2014
by Ann Schober

[JURIST] The European Court of Justice (EJC) [official website] ruled [judgement] on Thursday that EU member states may authorize public libraries to digitize works contained in their collections without the consent of the rights holders. The ruling [press release, PDF]comes after the Technical University of Darmstadt [official website, in English] … [read more]

Legal News
11 Jun 2014
by William Hibbitts

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] Tuesday that creating a searchable book database and giving full digital copies of books to disabled people constitutes fair use. The Authors Guild sued HathiTrust [advocacy websites], Cornell University [university website] and the presidents of … [read more]

Legal News
12 Apr 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho

[JURIST] The Authors Guild [advocacy website] filed an appellate brief [text] on Friday, renewing its complaint that Google [corporate website] is violating copyright laws with its mass book digitization project. The brief, filed with the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [official website], claims that Google's "Library Project" … [read more]

Professional Commentary
3 Apr 2014
by David Gespass of Gespass and Johnson
edited by Michael Muha

JURIST Guest Columnist David Gespass of Gespass and Johnson argues that the US Supreme Court should elevate substance over form and preserve freedom of speech...Government officials have learned, over many years, that the best way to restrict civil liberties is piecemeal. If one wants to take some salami without it … [read more]

Academic Commentary
12 Feb 2014

JURIST Guest Columnist Tung Yin of the Lewis & Clark Law School argues that the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board's report on the NSA's telephone records program is likely best directed toward statutory changes in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act rather than influencing decisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance … [read more]

Legal News
14 Nov 2013
by Stephen Adelgren

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) [official website] on Thursday dismissed [opinion, PDF] a class action lawsuit arising against Google [corporate website] over the company's unapproved scanning and uploading of copyrighted materials. The case revolved primarily around Google's Library Project … [read more]

4 Oct 2013
by Sarah Steers

At the height of the Great Depression, US President Franklin Roosevelt requested legislation to aid Americans in times of economic need. On August 14, 1935, Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. The original Act provided benefits to workers upon retirement at age 65, and based the amount on … [read more]

Legal News
21 Aug 2013
by Julie Deisher-Edwards

[JURIST] The North Carolina Court of Appeals [official website] on Tuesday ruled [opinion, PDF] that a North Carolina law [text] prohibiting registered sex offenders from commercial social networking websites accessible by children, such as Facebook and Myspace, is unconstitutional. In a unanimous opinion, the court found [AP report] that the … [read more]

Legal News
2 Jul 2013
by Julie Deisher-Edwards

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [official website] on Monday overturned [opinion, PDF] a lower court decision that had allowed authors challenging Google's digital books project to sue as a group [JURIST report]. Google has scanned more than 20 million books after partnering in 2004 with … [read more]

Legal News
23 Jan 2013
by Matthew Pomy

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit [official website] on Wednesday struck down [opinion, PDF] an Indiana law [text] that prohibits sex offenders from joining social networking websites, such as Facebook and other websites children are able to join. The law makes it a crime for a … [read more]

Legal News
20 Oct 2012
by Max Slater

[JURIST] The Vermont Supreme Court [official website] on Friday dismissed [opinion, text] a challenge to a proposed energy project to construct wind turbines in the Lowell Mountain Range. The challenge was filed by the Lowell Mountain Group [Lowell Mountains News backgrounder] and the towns of Albany and Craftsbury, and claims … [read more]

Legal News
6 Oct 2012
by Jaimie Cremeans

[JURIST] A registered sex offender filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of California [official website] last week challenging ordinances in four Orange County cities that ban registered sex offenders from city-owned parks, campgrounds and other recreational areas where children may gather. The city ordinances were … [read more]

Legal News
11 Sep 2012
by Julia Zebley

[JURIST] The US handed control of the Parwan prison at Bagram Air Base [official website; JURIST news archive] over to Afghanistan officials Monday, although the US retains control of 600 prisoners. These prisoners include Afghani detainees that the US fears will not be handled appropriately, as well as 50 Pakistani … [read more]

Legal News
6 Sep 2012
by Brandon Gatto

[JURIST] Government officials from both the US and Afghanistan have said that the American military will maintain control over foreign detainees [NYT report] at Bagram Air Base [official website; JURIST news archive] in Afghanistan for the indefinite future, and will also continue holding and screening newly captured Afghans. According to … [read more]

Legal News
29 Aug 2012
by Julia Zebley

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit [official website] ruled [opinion text] Tuesday that by not allowing Indiana citizens to appeal erroneous entries on the state Sex and Violent Offender Registry [official website] the Indiana Department of Corrections (DOC) [official website] violated Due Process [LII Cornell backgrounder] … [read more]

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