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Professional Commentary
25 Nov 2014
by Nathaniel R. Helms of
edited by Josh Guckert

JURIST Guest Columnist Nathaniel R. Helms, author of No Time for Truth: The Marines, Justice, and the Haditha Incident, discusses the Haditha Incident and the military justice system ...Kenneth Englade recently offered his interpretation of the so-called Haditha Massacre, an unfortunate label applied to a far more reprehensible event that … [read more]

Professional Commentary
17 Nov 2014
by Kenneth Englade of
edited by Yuxin Jiang

JURIST Guest Columnist Kenneth Englade, discusses military justice system in the context of the Haditha incident in 2005 ...Nine years ago this week a squad from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, was returning from a routine re-supply mission on the outskirts of Haditha in western Iraq when it … [read more]

20 Jul 2013
by Andrew Morgan

The Iraq War was plagued with accusations of war crimes and atrocities, aimed at the different parties and countries involved in the conflict. The bulk of those claims revolved around the actual combat between US, Iraqi and guerrilla forces. However, the specter of war crimes infiltrated the war early in … [read more]

Legal News
14 Oct 2012
by Matthew Pomy

[JURIST] Five UK Royal Marines were charged with murder on Sunday in connection with an incident in 2011 in Afghanistan. The charge allegedly arises out of a video [Telegraph report] that showed marines in an incriminating situation with a wounded member of the Taliban. An independent agency that supervises military … [read more]

Academic Commentary
3 Feb 2012

JURIST Contributing Editor Amos Guiora of the University of Utah SJ Quinney College of Law says that the lack of serious punishment for US troops involved in the 2005 killing of 24 innocent Iraqi civilians at Haditha requires immediate and constant training in international law and morality for US troops … [read more]

Legal News
26 Jan 2012
by Rebecca DiLeonardo

[JURIST] A media adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki [official website, in Arabic; JURIST news archive] said Thursday that the government will take legal action on behalf of the victims of the November 2005 Haditha killings [JURIST news archive], in which 24 Iraqi civilians were killed. Government spokesman Ali … [read more]

Legal News
24 Jan 2012
by Jaimie Cremeans

[JURIST] US Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich [advocacy website] pleaded guilty [USMC case materials] Monday to the charge of negligent dereliction of duty, ending the final court-martial resulting from a five-year investigation into the 2005 deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians [BBC backgrounder]. Wuterich was charged with voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, reckless … [read more]

Student Commentary
13 Jan 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Leila Sayed-Taha, DePaul University College of Law Class of 2012, currently works as a translator for Ace Languages Centre, where she aids asylum seekers at the Immigration Advisory Service. Here she discusses the ongoing issue of immunity as troops withdrawal and private contractors remain, and she examines … [read more]

Legal News
10 Jan 2012
by Jaimie Cremeans

[JURIST] The Western Judicial Military Circuit Court at Camp Pendleton [official website] heard opening statements Monday in the trial of the US Marine squad leader allegedly responsible for the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in November 2005. Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich [advocacy website; JURIST news archive] is charged [case materials] … [read more]

Legal News
27 Mar 2010
by Daniel Makosky

[JURIST] A US military judge Friday denied a motion to dismiss charges against US Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich [advocacy website; JURIST news archive], the leader of the squad implicated in the killing of 24 Iraqis [BBC backgrounder] in Haditha [USMC case materials; JURIST news archive] in November 2005. Lt. … [read more]

Academic Commentary
24 Sep 2009

JURIST Special Guest Columnist Sam Sasan Shoamanesh, a legal adviser with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and co-founder and Associate Editor of Global Brief, Canada's first international affairs magazine, says that in order for the ICC to be fully effective in protecting human rights and bringing an … [read more]

Legal News
15 Apr 2009
by Ingrid Burke

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia [official website] on Tuesday dismissed [opinion, PDF] a defamation suit [complaint, PDF; JURIST report] filed by a former US Marine against Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) [official website] after ruling that Murtha was acting in an official capacity when he … [read more]

Legal News
18 Mar 2009
by Lucas Tanglen

[JURIST] The US Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals [official website] upheld [opinion, DOC] Tuesday a military judge's dismissal [JURIST report] of the charges against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani [JURIST news archive], the top-ranking US Marine to face court-martial [JURIST news archive] in the killing of 24 Iraqis [BBC backgrounder] … [read more]

Academic Commentary
18 Nov 2008

JURIST Contributing Editor Haider Ala Hamoudi of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law says that the American concession in the supposedly final version of the Status of Forces Agreement governing US troops in Iraq that would put US soldiers under Iraqi criminal process in limited instances has been made … [read more]

Legal News
26 Sep 2008
by Joe Shaulis

[JURIST] A former US Marine filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] Thursday alleging that US Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) [official website] defamed him and violated his constitutional rights by suggesting that he had participated in killing innocent Iraqi civilians. In a complaint filed in the US District Court for the Western … [read more]

Legal News
18 Sep 2008
by Steve Czajkowski

[JURIST] Three US Army [official website] soldiers were charged with murder Wednesday for their alleged roles in the killings of four Iraqis in April 2007 [NY Times report]. Sgt 1st Class Joseph Mayo, Sgt John Hatley, and Sgt Michael Leahy Jr, who were formerly part of the 1st Battalion, 18th … [read more]

Professional Commentary
8 Aug 2008

Farzana Hassan and Hasan Mahmud [President and Director, Muslim Canadian Congress]: "The Iranian government's decision to commute its earlier stoning sentence against four adults convicted of adultery is the right decision and a welcome move. It is also encouraging news that Iran has put a moratorium on such punishments, however, … [read more]

Professional Commentary
30 Jul 2008

Farzana Hassan [President, Muslim Canadian Congress]: "The statistics are alarming. Eight women and one man have been sentenced to death over an adultery conviction in none other than, Ayatollah, mullah-ridden Iran. As if criminalizing adultery in the absence of a similar ruling on rape isn't enough of a mockery of … [read more]

Legal News
3 Jul 2008
by Devin Montgomery

[JURIST] Disagreements between the United States and Iraq are still blocking a permanent Status of Forces Agreement [CFR materials; JURIST op-ed] regarding the role of American troops in Iraq [JURIST news archive] and could delay a deal past the expiration of the UN mandate for coalition forces in Iraq at … [read more]

Legal News
17 Jun 2008
by Devin Montgomery

[JURIST] A military judge Tuesday dropped charges against a US Marine charged in connection with the November 2005 killings of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha [USMC timeline; JURIST news archive]. Battalion commander Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani [JURIST news archive] had faced court-martial [JURIST report] for dereliction of duty and violation … [read more]

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