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Legal News
11 Oct 2015
by Dominic Yobbi

[JURIST] New Jersey Governor Chris Christie [official website] on Thursday filed [press release] an eminent domain action against the small coastal city of Margate, New Jersey. The residents of Margate have stalled attempts by Christie to construct protective sand dunes along the coast; which were proposed by the executive office … [read more]

Legal News
30 Jun 2015
by Alexandra Farone

[JURIST] The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) [official website] released a final environmental impact statement [report, PDF] on the dangers of fracking on Monday, which carries the force of law and officially bans fracking in the state. Signed by NYDEC Commissioner Joseph Martens [official profile], the report cited … [read more]

Legal News
17 May 2015
by Jacqueline Jones

[JURIST] The Supreme Court of Mexico [official website, in Spanish] on Friday ordered [press release, in Spanish] a school and teacher to compensate a student for their role in bullying, ruling that the teacher encouraged it. The private school, known as Universal Truth and Science Institute, and the teacher have … [read more]

Legal News
16 Apr 2015
by Alison Sacriponte

[JURIST] Alabama and 12 other states filed an amicus brief [text, PDF; press release] with the US Supreme Court [official website] on Wednesday in support of the three-drug combination being used in Oklahoma for executions. Lethal injection executions in many states have been put on hold until the Supreme Court … [read more]

Legal News
30 Jan 2015
by Valerie Howell

[JURIST] A group of three UN special rapporteurs urged [press release] the international community on Friday to provide humanitarian aid and funding to Malawi after it experienced the worst flooding in recent history. Malawi habitually experiences varying degrees of flooding that requires action by emergency response units of fluctuating size. … [read more]

Legal News
1 Oct 2014
by Addison Morris

[JURIST] California Governor Jerry Brown [official website] on Tuesday signed [press release] a bill [SB270 text, PDF] issuing a statewide ban against single-use plastic bags. Beginning in July 2016 grocery and convenience stores across the state will be required to supply reusable, multi-purpose bags to customers to be sold for … [read more]

Legal News
30 Aug 2014
by Ann Schober

[JURIST] The California Legislature [official website] on Friday enacted a ban [Reuters report] on the use of plastic grocery bags in the state. The bill [SB 270, text], if signed into law, will become the first law of its kind in the US. Some cities and counties within the state … [read more]

Professional Commentary
16 Feb 2014

JURIST Guest Columnist Maya Wang of Human Rights Watch says that the Chinese government must begin to consider the vehement demands of the people to reform...What is the difference between Xi Jinping and Xu Zhiyong? Both talk about fighting corruption, yet Xi is president of China, while Xu is now … [read more]

Legal News
8 Feb 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho

[JURIST] US President Barack Obama [official profile] signed into law [press release] on Friday a $956 billion farm bill [text, PDF] providing expanded crop insurance and other benefits for the agricultural sector. The bill passed the Senate [New York Times report] last week with a bipartisan vote. Beyond expanding federal … [read more]

Academic Commentary
23 Dec 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Charles Tabb of the University of Illinois College of Law argues that the Detroit bankruptcy ruling produces a catch-22 between the federal and state courts which may ultimately be decided by the US Supreme Court ... The first clause to the title of this comment is of … [read more]

Legal News
3 Nov 2013
by Julie Deisher-Edwards

[JURIST] President Barack Obama [official website] on Friday established by Executive Order [text] a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. The task force, with members including state, local and tribal officials and executive agencies, is to advise the federal government [White House fact sheet] on how to respond to … [read more]

Professional Commentary
16 Oct 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Simon Lester of the Cato Institute says that the newly elected coalition in Australia may alter the country's current stances on certain international investment rules...The recent Australian elections were decided mostly by domestic policy issues, but their outcome will have an impact beyond the border, as the … [read more]

Legal News
20 Sep 2013
by Laura Klein Mullen

[JURIST] Halliburton [corporate website] pleaded guilty [DOJ press release] in US federal court on Thursday to charges that it had destroyed evidence in connection with its role in the BP oil spill in 2010. The company admitted that it had tampered with a protected computer [Reuters report], erasing 3D models … [read more]

20 Jul 2013
by Zachariah Rivenbark

Prior to the passage of SB 1070, Arizona was the subject of an entirely different legal challenge involving illegal immigration, namely the legitimacy of the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA). The law took effect in January 2008 and imposed sanctions on employers that utilized undocumented immigrants as part of their … [read more]

Legal News
12 Jun 2013
by Theresa Donovan

[JURIST] Thousands of Turkish lawyers on Wednesday joined the ongoing protests [AP report] in Ankara and Istanbul by marching out of courthouses in black robes. This came as the result of incidents occurring during the protests on Tuesday, where a number of lawyers were handcuffed and dragged on the ground … [read more]

Legal News
10 Jun 2013
by Jaclyn Belczyk

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] unanimously Monday in Horne v. Department of Agriculture [SCOTUSblog backgrounder] that the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has jurisdiction to review petitioners' takings claim. The Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 (AMAA) and the California Raisin Marketing … [read more]

Legal News
21 May 2013
by G. Redd

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] declined [order list, PDF] Monday to review an Alaskan village's claims that greenhouse gas producers should be held accountable to the village for pollution that threatens its vitality. Kivalina, a village of Inupiat Eskimo natives, filed suit [complaint PDF] against 22 corporations in … [read more]

Student Commentary
17 May 2013

JURIST Associate Editor Fangxing Li, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Class of 2014, explores the upcoming US Supreme Court decision on affirmative action policies in institutions of higher education and argues that these policies harm rather than help diversity in schools that employ those policies...In March, the US Supreme … [read more]

Academic Commentary
4 Mar 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Sandy Davidson of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the University of Missouri School of Law evaluates the Third Circuit's decision to bar members of the press from reporting inside polling places...Welcome to Humpty Dumpty Land! "'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in … [read more]

Student Commentary
27 Feb 2013

JURIST Guest Columnists Eric Delio and George Thompson, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Class of 2013, analyze Los Angeles County Flood Control District v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. and its potential impact...The recent US Supreme Court case, Los Angeles County Flood Control District v. Natural Resources Defense Council, … [read more]

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