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Academic Commentary
5 days ago
by Kermit Roosevelt of University of Pennsylvania Law School
edited by Dave Rodkey

JURIST Guest Columnist Kermit Roosevelt of the University of Pennsylvania Law School discusses abortion rights in America ...In 1973, over 40 years ago now, the US Supreme Court entered the abortion fray in Roe v. Wade. Roe offered the nation the court's view of the competing interests in the abortion … [read more]

Academic Commentary
3 Jun 2015
by Amaury A. Reyes-Torres of Iberoamerican University
edited by Yuxin Jiang

JURIST Guest Columnist Amaury A. Reyes-Torres, of Iberoamerican University in the Dominican Republic, discusses the constitutional questions the US Supreme Court justices are facing when deciding same sex marriage cases ... The case for equal marriage is the case of Constitution, tradition and time. We witnessed during the oral arguments … [read more]

Academic Commentary
31 Mar 2014
by Derek Muller of Pepperdine University School of Law
edited by Kenneth Hall

JURIST Guest Columnist Derek Muller of the Pepperdine University School of Law discusses the shaky legal foundations of the Tenth Circuit's recent decision in Kerr v. Hickenlooper ... A novel judicial opinion written on dubious legal grounds can serve as an empty vessel into which hopeful litigants everywhere pour hope. … [read more]

20 Jul 2013
by Zachariah Rivenbark

The Supreme Court took up the issue of affirmative action in June 2003, when the high court decided the twin cases of Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger. Both cases involved the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The separate cases produced separate results for the undergraduate school and … [read more]

Professional Commentary
21 Mar 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Shane Kadidal of the Center for Constitutional Rights argues that even if the government's petition for en banc review of al Bahlul v. US fails, it will nonetheless succeed in maintaining the political status quo of the Obama administration...There are, basically, only two ways to leave Guantanamo … [read more]

Academic Commentary
31 Oct 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist William G. Ross of the Samford University's Cumberland School of Law says that the likelihood of vacancies on the Supreme Court during the next four years should make the Court an important issue in the election, even though it has largely been ignored by the current candidates... … [read more]

Legal News
29 Jun 2012
by Julia Zebley

[JURIST] After the US Supreme Court [official website] upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) [text; JURIST backgrounder] on Thursday, reactions from lawmakers and parties of interest inundated press coverage. US President Barack Obama [official website], who has made the implementation of PPACA a cornerstone of his administration, … [read more]

Student Commentary
18 May 2012

JURIST Associate Editor James Craig, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Class of 2014, discusses the history of affirmative action and argues that recent studies and case law have left affirmative action with an uncertain future...(His opinions are not intended to represent those of JURIST)In February 2012, the US Supreme … [read more]

Academic Commentary
11 Apr 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist William G. Ross of Cumberland School of Law says that the president's remarks on judicial review of health care reform may impede Obama from making the Supreme Court an issue in the upcoming presidential election...President Obama's strange swipe at judicial review on April 2 was a serious … [read more]

Academic Commentary
21 Dec 2011

JURIST Guest Columnist Scott Gaylord of Elon University School of Law says a district court applied an outdated government speech test when it issued an injunction preventing North Carolina from allowing drivers to select "Choose Life" license plates, the proper test should ask if government controls the speech, not if … [read more]

Legal News
7 Dec 2011
by Julia Zebley

[JURIST] The US Senate Judiciary Committee [official website] returned Tuesday to the longstanding debate [hearing materials] over whether to televise the proceedings of the US Supreme Court [official website], including whether Congress, as an equal branch of government, has the authority to require the court to admit cameras. Senators Dick … [read more]

Legal News
12 Aug 2010
by Dwyer Arce

[JURIST] A panel of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit [official website] on Wednesday unanimously dismissed a lawsuit [opinion text] challenging the exclusion of materials questioning the Armenian genocide [BBC backgrounder; JURIST news archive] from a school curriculum. The lawsuit [case materials] was filed in 2005 by … [read more]

Legal News
21 Apr 2010
by David Manes

[JURIST] US President Barack Obama [official website] said Wednesday that he will take into account a potential nominee's position on individual liberty, including women's rights, when nominating a Supreme Court justice. Speaking at a meeting with Senate leaders, Obama acknowledged that abortion [JURIST news archive] has been "a hugely contentious … [read more]

Legal News
11 Apr 2010
by Dwyer Arce

[JURIST] US Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) [official website] predicted Sunday that President Obama will nominate a replacement for retiring [press release; JURIST report] Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens [official profile; Cornell LII materials] in time for hearings to be concluded over the summer. In an appearance … [read more]

Legal News
9 Apr 2010
by Jaclyn Belczyk

[JURIST] Justice John Paul Stevens [official profile; Cornell LII materials] of the US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] announced Friday that he plans to step down [press release] at the end of the court's 2009 term this summer. In a letter [text, PDF] to President Barack Obama, Stevens … [read more]

Academic Commentary
16 Mar 2010

JURIST Guest Columnist William G. Ross of Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, says recent comments by Chief Justice Roberts responding to President Obama's criticism of the Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling were not disrespectful toward the institutions of Congress or the presidency or toward any particular person.... Chief Justice … [read more]

Legal News
6 Aug 2009
by Jaclyn Belczyk

[JURIST] The US Senate [official website] confirmed Sonia Sotomayor [WH profile; JURIST news archive] for the Supreme Court by a vote of 68-31 Thursday. The vote split mainly along party lines, with only nine Republicans voting to confirm. Senate Judiciary Committee ranking Republican Jeff Sessions [official website] (R-AL) delivered closing … [read more]

Legal News
5 Aug 2009
by Brian Jackson

[JURIST] The US Senate on Tuesday began debate [executive calendar, PDF] on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor [WH profile; JURIST news archive] to the US Supreme Court. While it is believed that Sotomayor will be confirmed [CSPAN vote tally] to replace retiring Justice David Souter [official profile, PDF; JURIST news … [read more]

Legal News
28 Jul 2009
by Devin Montgomery

[JURIST] The US Senate Judiciary Committee [official website] on Tuesday voted 13-6 to recommend the confirmation [hearing materials] of Sonia Sotomayor [WH profile; JURIST news archive] for the Supreme Court [official website]. All 12 Democrats on the committee and one Republican voted in favor of the recommendation. In a statement … [read more]

Legal News
27 Jul 2009
by Christian Ehret

[JURIST] Ranking Republican on the US Senate Judiciary Committee [official website] Jeff Sessions (R-AL) [official website] opposed the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor [WH profile] on Monday, maintaining that she lacks "deep-rooted convictions" [USA Today editorial] needed to resist judicial activism. Although Sessions conceded that Sotomayor will likely … [read more]

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