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Legal News
25 Nov 2015
by Dominic Yobbi

[JURIST] A Pakistani man on Tuesday was sentenced to 40 years in prison for planning to bomb a shopping center in Manchester, as well as other plans to attack New York City and Copenhagen. Abid Naseer, a 29-year-old extremist who denied any affiliation with al Qaeda [BBC backgrounder] during his … [read more]

Academic Commentary
28 Sep 2015
by Karla McKanders of University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Law
edited by Elizabeth Dennis

JURIST Guest Columnist Karla McKanders of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Law discusses the European refugee crisis... "They are people in genuine need of our protection. There is no wall you would not climb, no sea you would not cross if you are fleeing violence and terror. I … [read more]

Legal News
5 Aug 2015
by Emelina Perez

[JURIST] Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs [official website] on Tuesday announced [Twitter post] they have submitted a revised bid claiming over 350 nautical miles of Arctic sea shelf to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) [official website]. The country's previous bids in 2001 were rejected … [read more]

Legal News
6 Mar 2015
by Colleen Mallick

[JURIST] Germany's lower house of parliament [official website] passed legislation on Friday requiring large companies to allocate 30 percent of non-executive board seats to women, after a survey found that women remain grossly under represented in big business. The survey found that the chief executives of Germany's largest 30 firms … [read more]

Legal News
16 Feb 2015
by Addison Morris

[JURIST] Danish police on Sunday arrested two individuals suspected to have aided a gunman in the Copenhagen attacks that left two dead over the weekend. On Saturday a 22-year-old gunman, whose name has not yet been released, opened fire [WP report] at a cultural center that was hosting cartoonist Lars … [read more]

Legal News
15 Jan 2015
by Alison Sacriponte

[JURIST] Pakistani lawmakers on Thursday passed a resolution and rallied outside parliament to protest the publication of images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo [media website, in French], which was attacked by extremists last week. Pakistan and other Muslim nations have condemned last week's attack, which … [read more]

Legal News
14 Jan 2015
by Taylor Gillan

[JURIST] A Turkish court on Wednesday banned access to websites showing the new cover of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo [media website], which features a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The court's prohibition of access to the sites is reportedly in response [AP report] to a petition filed by a … [read more]

Academic Commentary
3 Dec 2014
by Jean-Marie Kamatali of Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law
edited by Elizabeth Dennis

JURIST Guest Columnist Jean-Marie Kamatali, of Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law, discusses the use and misuse of lèse-majesté...Despite increasing domestic and international pressure on Thailand to repeal or revise the provision of its criminal code on lèse-majesté, the military government has not only resisted this pressure but has … [read more]

Professional Commentary
22 Nov 2014
by Dmytro Galagan of VoxUkraine
edited by Elizabeth Dennis

JURIST Guest Columnist Dmytro Galagan, of VoxUkraine, discusses the ongoing natural gas dispute between Ukraine and Russia ...On November 16, 2014, NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine (Naftogaz) and OJSC Gazprom (Gazprom) informed that they had filed lawsuits against each other at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). … [read more]

Legal News
24 Oct 2014
by Julie Deisher-Edwards

[JURIST] Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] on Thursday condemned Netherlands' attempts to return Somali refugees [PDF] to areas controlled by Islamist terrorist group Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (al-Shabaab) [NCTC backgrounder]. The report noted critically that Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK have also attempted forced returns to Somalia, but was particularly … [read more]

Legal News
19 Mar 2014
by Benjamin Minegar

[JURIST] Defense counsel for former Rwandan intelligence chief Pascal Simbikangwa on Wednesday filed a notice of appeal after a Paris court convicted him of genocide and crimes against humanity for his participation in the 1994 Rwandan genocide [BBC backgrounder]. After a six-week trial, in which Simbikangwa maintained his innocence, the … [read more]

Legal News
15 Mar 2014
by Addison Morris

[JURIST] A Paris court on Friday convicted former Rwandan intelligence chief Pascal Simbikangwa of genocide and crimes against humanity for his participation in the 1994 Rwandan genocide [BBC backgrounder]. After a six-week trial [JURIST report], in which Simbikangwa maintained his innocence, the court delivered [Reuters report] a sentence of 25 … [read more]

Legal News
4 Feb 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho

[JURIST] A French court opened trial Tuesday against former Rwandan intelligence chief Pascal Simbikangwa in the country's first trial of a suspect in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide [BBC backgrounder]. Simbikangwa, 54, is charged [Reuters report] with arming and directing Hutu extremists in the violence that claimed the lives of an … [read more]

Legal News
14 Dec 2013
by Max Slater

[JURIST] Croatia's parliament [official website, in Croatian] proposed a bill on Thursday that would grant new rights to same-sex couples, such as the right to inherit property from each other and the right to represent each other as next of kin. The bill, known as the "life partnership" legislation, comes … [read more]

Legal News
1 Dec 2013
by Stephen Adelgren

[JURIST] Croatian voters passed a referendum on Sunday proposing to ban same-sex marriages by defining marriage in Croatia's constitution [text] as a union between a man and a woman. The referendum came [BBC report] as a result of a petition circulated by a Catholic group which garnered over 700,000 signatures. … [read more]

Legal News
8 Nov 2013
by Kimberly Bennett

[JURIST] Croatian lawmakers voted Friday to hold a referendum on December 1 on a same-sex marriage ban in the country. The referendum will decide [AP report] whether the nation's constitution should define marriage as a "union between a woman and a man." The referendum was called after approximately 700,000 people—more … [read more]

Legal News
8 Nov 2013
by Samuel Franklin

[JURIST] Alleged Rwandan genocide perpetrator Emmanuel Mbarushimana on Wednesday challenged a decision by Denmark's Supreme Court to extradite him to Rwanda. Filing an application before the European Court of Human Rights [official website], Mbarushimana claims that he will be unable to receive a fair trial [AFP report] if brought before … [read more]

Legal News
27 Sep 2013
by Peter Snyder

[JURIST] The first UN ministerial meeting on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals was held [press release] Thursday during the General Assembly's annual high-level debate. Representatives from the US, France, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan, New Zealand and the EU, along with executive directors … [read more]

Legal News
12 Sep 2013
by Laura Klein Mullen

[JURIST] A court in France [official website, in French] on Thursday rejected Rwanda's request for the extradition of a Hutu ex-colonel wanted in connection with the country's 1994 genocide [CNN backgrounder] and ordered his release. Laurent Serubuga, now 77-years old, had been arrested in France in July on an international … [read more]

19 Jul 2013
by Zachariah Rivenbark

While DOMA has effectively blocked the implementation of same-sex marriage at the federal level, there have been several states that have taken independent legislative and judicial action regarding same-sex marriage. The laws passed at the state level have typically adopted one of two stances towards same-sex marriage: either imposing additional … [read more]

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