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Legal News
2 Feb 2016
by Alexandra Farone

[JURIST] Four former Blackwater [corporate website] security contractors on Monday appealed their conviction for a 2007 Baghdad shooting that killed 14 Iraqi civilians. This appeal centers around a witness for the prosecution who changed his testimony [AP report] after the trial in a way that allegedly undermines the government's case. … [read more]

Legal News
31 Jan 2016
by Dominic Yobbi

[JURIST] Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] on Sunday accused [HRW report] Iraqi Shiite militias of carrying out "revenge attacks" against Sunnis in wake of an Islamic State (IS) suicide bombing attack at a local cafe. The militia group has abducted and killed many Sunni residents in the central Iraq … [read more]

Legal News
30 Jan 2016
by Emelina Perez

Mass graves in Iraq are being disturbed [HRW report], which could lead to destroyed evidence in proving possible genocide committed against the Yazidi, according to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy website] report released on Saturday. Dozens of Yazidi people are believed to have been killed by the Islamic State … [read more]

Legal News
20 Jan 2016
by Alexis Wheeler

Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) [official website] forces and Kurdish militias are committing mass destruction in northern Iraq that may amount to war crimes, Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] said in a report [text, PDF] Tuesday. AI claims that the KRG is leading an operation to burn, bomb and bulldoze homes … [read more]

Legal News
3 Jan 2016
by Shriram T. Eachambadi

The head of the UK's Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) [official website], charged with looking into alleged abuses committed during the war in Iraq, said Saturday that UK soldiers may face prosecution for war crimes. Mark Warwick, a former police detective and the head of IHAT, stated [BBC report] that … [read more]

Academic Commentary
1 Jan 2016
by Jason A. Coats of US Naval War College
edited by Elizabeth Dennis

JURIST Guest Columnist Jason Coats of the US Naval War College discusses the investigations into the legitimacy of reports concerning ISIS...On December 11, the Chairmen of three House of Representatives committees—the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), the Armed Services Committee and Appropriations Committee's Defense Subcommittee (APCDS)—announced the establishment of … [read more]

Legal News
29 Dec 2015
by Taylor Gillan

An Islamic State (IS) fatwa [text, US government translation] was released on Tuesday that provides rules for when "owners" of women enslaved by IS may have sex with those captured women. The ruling was issued by IS theologians and includes provisions which forbid having intercourse with a female captive when … [read more]

Legal News
26 Dec 2015
by Kasey Tuttle

[JURIST] U.S. special forces obtained a document [PDF] during a raid in eastern Syria sanctioning the harvesting of human organs. The document permits the harvesting of a captive's organs to save a Muslim's life, even if it is fatal for the captive. Previously, Iraq has accused Islamic State of harvesting … [read more]

Student Commentary
17 Dec 2015
by Duke M. Truong of Valparaiso University School of Law
edited by Yuxin Jiang

JURIST Guest Columnist Duke M. Truong of the Valparaiso University School of Law, Class of 2017, discusses the issues the US is facing in accepting Syrian refugees in fear of terrorist attack... Eighty-one percent of Americans see a major terrorist attack as likely following the Paris massacres on November 13, … [read more]

Legal News
8 Dec 2015
by Ashley Hogan

Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] said [press release] Tuesday that the Islamic State (IS) is in possession of a "large and lethal" arsenal due to decades of reckless arms trading and the poorly regulated international flow of weapons into Iraq. AI reports that the IS military campaign has relentlessly targeted … [read more]

Legal News
6 Dec 2015
by Matthew Santiago

[JURIST] Iraqi government officials ordered Turkey on Saturday to withdraw hundreds of troops deployed near Mosul, the largest city currently controlled by Islamic State (IS) [BBC backgrounder; JURIST news archive] militants. Iraqi President Fouad Massoum stated that the deployment was a "violation of international norms and law" and may be … [read more]

Legal News
5 Dec 2015
by Alonso Diaz

[JURIST] The UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights Office (OHCHR) [official website] announced [press release] on Friday that it has received reports that human rights violations against Sunni Arab communities by Iraqi and Kurdish security forces are increasing in parts of Iraq that were reclaimed from the … [read more]

Legal News
4 Dec 2015
by Taylor Isaac

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [official profile] on Wednesday condemned [report, PDF] rights violations against the of children in Iraq [UN News Centre report] by the Islamic State (IS). Ban stated, "I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the continuous grave violations committed against children in armed conflict," noting in his … [read more]

Legal News
22 Nov 2015
by Jacqueline Jones

[JURIST] President Obama, on Sunday, ordered an assessment of whether intelligence reports from US Central Command (Centcom) [official website] were changed by supervisory military personnel before formal submission to present a more optimistic picture of the American military campaign against the Islamic State (IS). Over the last few weeks, the … [read more]

Legal News
21 Nov 2015
by Bradley McAllister

[JURIST] United Nations (UN) [official website] Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [official profile] addressed [statement; press release] the UN General Assembly on Friday and cautioned the international community to avoid discrimination against Muslims, especially refugees and migrants entering Europe, as a result of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris a week earlier. … [read more]

Legal News
21 Nov 2015
by Steven Wildberger

[JURIST] The United Nations Security Council [official website] on Friday unanimously adopted [press release] a new resolution [draft, PDF] calling on all member states to fight to eradicate the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) [JURIST backgrounder]. Introduced by France in the wake of ISIL attacks that claimed … [read more]

Legal News
19 Nov 2015
by Matthew Santiago

The US House of Representatives [official website] voted 289-137 [roll call] Thursday in favor of suspending the program allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees to enter the US. On Wednesday the White House stated [statement, PDF] that President Barack Obama would veto the legislation [text, PDF], should it reach his desk. … [read more]

Academic Commentary
18 Nov 2015
by Michael J. Kelly of Creighton University School of Law
edited by Maria Coladonato

JURIST Contributing Editor Michael Kelly of Creighton University School of Law argues that France has the legal right to invoke Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty following the Paris ISIS attacks...Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War, Syria was a French mandate from 1923 … [read more]

Academic Commentary
18 Nov 2015
by Larry Eaker of American University of Paris
edited by Marisa Rodrigues

JURIST Guest Columnist Larry Eaker, former Professor at the American University of Paris, discusses the European Union's Immigration and Asylum Policy ... "The challenge to the European project today is existential. The refugee crisis has brought that to light. What was unimaginable before now becomes imaginable, namely the disintegration of … [read more]

Legal News
16 Nov 2015
by Gwenyth Gamble

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) [official website] released a 37-page report on Monday calling on those with ground-level control to declare that recent acts by the Islamic State (IS) and other militants will not be tolerated and "to immediately take action to stop acts in breach of international … [read more]

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