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Professional Commentary
9 Jul 2015
by Geraldine Mattioli-Zeltner of International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch

JURIST Guest Columnist Geraldine Mattioli-Zeltner, the advocacy director of the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch, discusses how a Special Criminal Court, created by the interim authorities of the Central African Republic, has the potential to strengthen the fight against impunity within the countries where the crimes took place... … [read more]

Legal News
5 Jul 2015
by Dominic Yobbi

[JURIST] Serbia on Saturday reportedly asked [AP report] Russia to veto a British UN Security Council [official website] resolution that would call the incident during the Bosnian War in which 8000 Muslim men were murdered genocide. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin [BBC profile] … [read more]

Legal News
29 Apr 2015
by Addison Morris

[JURIST] A Dutch appellate court ruled Wednesday that Gen. Thom Karremans, who ordered Bosnian Muslims away from a UN peacekeeping compound during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre [BBC backgrounder; JURIST news archive], will not be prosecuted. Karremans, along with two other soldiers, faced charges for forcing three Bosnian Muslim men to … [read more]

Legal News
15 Apr 2015
by Ashley Hogan

[JURIST] The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina [official website] on Wednesday indicted [press release] 10 former Bosnian-Serb soldiers for war crimes committed during the Balkan conflict of the 1990s. The men are accused of imprisoning, torturing and killing 20 people abducted from a train in eastern Bosnia in February … [read more]

Legal News
9 Apr 2015
by Jacqueline Jones

[JURIST] Judges at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) [official website] on Wednesday upheld [judgment, PDF; press release] the majority of convictions for Bosnian Serb army General Zdravko Tolimir [case materials] for his involvement in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre [BBC backgrounder]. Tolimir was arrested in Serbia in … [read more]

Legal News
3 Apr 2015
by Ashley Hogan

[JURIST] The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina [official website] on Thursday indicted [press release] three people for war crimes committed against Serb victims. The indicted, Zdenko Andabak, Muamir Jasharevic and Sead Velagic, are accused of committing crimes against humanity against more than 300 Serb civilians between April 1992 and … [read more]

Legal News
18 Mar 2015
by Peter Snyder

[JURIST] Serbian police on Wednesday arrested eight men suspected of having a direct role in the killing of more than 1,000 Muslim men and boys during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre [JURIST news archive; BBC backgrounder]. In July 1995 more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were executed in Srebrenica … [read more]

Legal News
26 Feb 2015
by Colleen Mallick

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit [official website] on Wednesday affirmed [opinion, PDF] a district court's ruling that former Bosnian guard Almaz Nezirovic is subject to extradition to his home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), after allegations that Nezirovic is responsible for war-crimes committed during … [read more]

Legal News
26 Feb 2015
by Steven Wildberger

[JURIST] Bosnian State Court [official website] Judge Azra Miletic was detained by police on Wednesday on suspicion of taking a bribe from former police commissioner Ramo Brkic. The former commissioner was originally sentenced to 11 years [CIN report, in Croatian] in prison for drug dealing and corruption. The appeals court … [read more]

Professional Commentary
4 Feb 2015
by Belkis Wille of Human Rights Watch

JURIST Guest Columnist Belkis Wille, Yemen researcher at Human Rights Watch, discusses the current dilemma in Yemen...The present global turmoil has intensified the debate over whether pursuing justice in fragile and transitional countries leads to instability. Yet Yemen has been brought to the brink of collapse at least in part … [read more]

Academic Commentary
27 Jan 2015
by Paul Williams of American University

JURIST Guest Columnists Dr. Paul Williams and Kelly Brouse of American University, discuss the indictment of Dragomir Vasic by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and emphasize the necessity for accountability not only during, but also after armed conflicts...On December 16, 2014, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina indicted Dragomir … [read more]

Legal News
22 Jan 2015
by Steven Wildberger

[JURIST] As part of the 70th anniversary commemoration [official website] of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp (USHMM backgrounder), UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson [official website] on Wednesday called for an examination of why genocide continues to be perpetrated in some parts of the world. Titled "Why Have … [read more]

Legal News
18 Jan 2015
by Dominic Yobbi

[JURIST] During a Holocaust memorial service at the Park East Synagogue in New York City on Saturday, UN Deputy-Secretary-General Jan Eliasson [official profile] said preventing genocide requires making concerted efforts to figure out the forces that cause it. Eliasson emphasized attempting to improve understanding between communities of different faiths, as … [read more]

Legal News
8 Jan 2015
by Valerie Howell

[JURIST] The war crimes division of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina [official website] on Thursday confirmed the indictment [press release] of Dragomir Vasic on charges of genocide. The charges stem from the executions of Srebrenica Muslims during the Bosnian Civil War [JURIST news archive]. Vasic, who is currently a … [read more]

Legal News
17 Nov 2014
by Alexandra Farone

[JURIST] Bosnian police on Monday arrested [press release, in Serbian] 12 men suspected of war crimes during the 1992-95 Bosnian Civil War [JURIST news archive]. The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina [official website] stated that these individuals allegedly violated Article 172 of the Criminal Code [text, PDF], committing crimes … [read more]

Legal News
7 Apr 2014
by Benjamin Minegar

[JURIST] A civil lawsuit against the Dutch government filed by mothers and widows of men killed in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre [BBC timeline; JURIST news archive] opened in the Hague District Court [official website] on Monday. The Mothers of Srebrenica [advocacy website], a group representing 6,000 women who lost family … [read more]

Legal News
4 Apr 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho

[JURIST] French police on Friday arrested Radomir Susnjar [Bosnia Times backgrounder], a Bosnian Serb paramilitary soldier suspected of killing 59 Muslim civilians during the Bosnian Civil War [JURIST news archive]. Susnjar is suspected of involvement in the July 1992 killings in the town of Visegrad, where 59 civilians were locked … [read more]

Legal News
7 Feb 2014
by Amy Mathieu

[JURIST] UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights [official website], Farida Shaheed [official profile] announced [press release] Friday that she will launch a new study on how marketing and advertising affect cultural rights. Shaheed plans to focus her study on the challenges that marketing strategies present to cultural … [read more]

Legal News
5 Dec 2013
by Stephen Adelgren

[JURIST] On Thursday the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) [official website] rejected [press release] a request by prosecutors to re-arrest nine individuals convicted of war crimes. The court ruled that since Bosnian law does not contain provisions for the re-arrest of someone already convicted of a crime, the European … [read more]

29 Nov 2013

The ICTY delivered [PDF] its first indictment ever against Dragan Nikolic, the director of the Serb-run Susica Detention Camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in November 1994. He was accused of committing crimes against non-Serbs, including sexual violence and torture. After he pleaded guilty in September 2003, his sentence was later … [read more]

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