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Academic Commentary
18 Nov 2015
by Larry Eaker of American University of Paris
edited by Marisa Rodrigues

JURIST Guest Columnist Larry Eaker, former Professor at the American University of Paris, discusses the European Union's Immigration and Asylum Policy ... "The challenge to the European project today is existential. The refugee crisis has brought that to light. What was unimaginable before now becomes imaginable, namely the disintegration of … [read more]

Academic Commentary
17 Aug 2015
by Amaury A. Reyes-Torres of Ibero-American University
edited by Marisa Rodrigues

JURIST Guest Columnist Amaury A. Reyes-Torres of the Iberoamerican University (UNIBE) [Spanish] discusses the legal developments of same-sex marriage in Europe... Quite recently, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) rendered a landmark decision in the protection of rights of same-sex couples under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR): … [read more]

Student Commentary
12 Sep 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Elena Butti, University of Utrecht Class of 2014, investigates what are the different roles of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) regarding human rights protection in the EU and how these different roles affect the relationship between the … [read more]

Student Commentary
28 Mar 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Serge Diaz, University of Edinburgh School of Law Class of 2015, discusses the effects of a recent ruling by the UK Court of Appeal on UK criminal record disclosures laws...On January 29, 2013, the UK Court of Appeal handed down a disappointing judgment for the UK government … [read more]

Professional Commentary
21 Jan 2013

JURIST Guest Columnist Allison Jernow of the International Commission of Jurists argues that recent court decisions reflect inconsistency in weighing marriage equality and religious freedom...Claims that same-sex marriage is on a collision course with religious freedom have dominated the headlines (The New York Times and The Washington Post) in the … [read more]

Academic Commentary
21 Dec 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Faisal Kutty of the Valparaiso University Law School says that the global community must engage in a serious debate over the limits of free expression as it applies to the defamation of cultures and religions, and that in order to do so the extremists on both sides … [read more]

Professional Commentary
18 Dec 2012

JURIST Columnist Paul Johnson, Anniversary Reader at the University of York, argues that the effect of an on-going human rights debate in the British Isles and the European Court of Human Rights may have a detrimental effect on the same-sex marriage debate in the UK...In its formal response to the … [read more]

Professional Commentary
8 Dec 2012

JURIST Columnist Paul Johnson, Anniversary Reader at the University of York, in the second of two pieces on laws pertaining to homosexual acts in the Dependencies of the UK, argues that male, homosexual-specific criminal offenses in Isle of Man should be modernized to parallel the laws of the UK...In a … [read more]

Student Commentary
1 Jul 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Elena Butti, University of Utrecht Class of 2014, considers whether the European Court of Human Rights made a strategic use of the margin of appreciation doctrine to solve the contradiction between the decisions in the cases Aktas v. France and Lautsi v. Italy...The increasing tendency of people … [read more]

Student Commentary
30 Mar 2011

Sarah Paulsworth, University of Pittsburgh School of Law '12, writes about the absence of alternative military service in Azerbaijan and of protections afforded to conscientious objectors (COs) under international law... The Imprisoned Activist and condition of CO's in Azerbaijan On March 4, 2011 well-known Azerbaijani activist, former parliamentary candidate Bakhtiyar … [read more]

Professional Commentary
16 Dec 2009

Kerim Yildiz [Chief Executive, Kurdish Human Rights Project]: "Turkey's Constitutional Court ruling to close the Demokratik Toplum Partisi (Democratic Society Party, DTP) - the first pro-Kurdish party in the Turkish parliament in 14 years — comes at a crucial time in Turkey's history. The AKP government's initiative aimed at resolving … [read more]

Academic Commentary
31 Jul 2009

JURIST Guest Columnist Pamela A. Jordan, an associate professor of history at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) who writes on politics and human rights developments in Russia, says that the recent murder of Chechnya human rights activist Natalia Estemirova may help jolt average Russians into demanding that their leaders finally … [read more]

Professional Commentary
21 Jan 2009

Liz Griffith [Policy Officer, Law Centre (NI), Belfast, Northern Ireland]: "President-elect Obama's apparent decision to close Guantanamo has received wide support in the UK government. Nine UK nationals were returned to the UK in 2004 and 2005 following extensive campaigning by civic society and high level representations from the UK … [read more]

Academic Commentary
9 Jan 2009

JURIST Guest Columnist and German human rights lawyer Stefan Kirchner, a member of the American Society of International Law and the Faculty of Law at Georg-August-University in Gottingen, says that new litigation between Germany and Italy in the International Court of Justice over Italian courts' awarding of compensation to relatives … [read more]

Legal News
30 Sep 2008
by Andrew Gilmore

[JURIST] The All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition (APPG) [official website] released a legal opinion [text, PDF] on Monday which examines UK governmental liability under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) [text, PDF] and the UK Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) [text] for its participation in the CIA … [read more]

Legal News
13 Sep 2008
by Michael Sung

[JURIST] Council of Europe (COE) [official website] Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg [COE bio] released his report [PDF text] on the status of human rights [press release] in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Friday, praising ongoing efforts by the FYROM government to improve human rights, but … [read more]

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