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Legal News
15 Oct 2015
by Emelina Perez

[JURIST] Chilean President Michelle Bachelet [official profile, in Spanish] announced [press release, in Spanish] on Wednesday the government has begun the process of drafting a new constitution. According to Bachelet the new constitution is necessary because the current version was created during a dictatorship and does not accurately reflect the … [read more]

Legal News
25 Aug 2015
by Valerie Howell

[JURIST] A new Municipal Court judge in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday ordered [press release] sweeping reforms of courtroom practices following a damning federal report of racial bias. Judge Donald McCullin handed down an order to withdraw all arrest warrants issued before December 31, 2014, as well as modifications to the … [read more]

Legal News
11 Jun 2015
by Jaclyn Belczyk

The Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the ACLU of Florida [advocacy website] filed a lawsuit [motion, PDF] Thursday challenging a Florida law [HB 633 materials] requiring women to visit a doctor and wait 24 hours before undergoing an abortion. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed … [read more]

Legal News
29 May 2015
by Emelina Perez

[JURIST] A Czech court in Prague acquitted the wife of former Czech prime minister Petr Necas of charges of abusing military intelligence. Jana Necasova, formerly Jana Nagyova, allegedly used military intelligence to spy on Necas's former wife when Necasova served as the prime minister's aide in 2012. A judge for … [read more]

Student Commentary
24 Jan 2015
by Chris Wester of New England School of Law
edited by Josh Guckert

JURIST Guest Columnist Chris Wester, New England School of Law, Class of 2016, discusses how rights for same-sex couples in the US have evolved...Many of the rights that our society refers to today as basic, uninhibited and fundamental to the lives of all American citizens were not constitutionally guaranteed without … [read more]

Legal News
17 Jan 2015
by Taylor Brailey

[JURIST] Arizona Governor Doug Ducey [campaign website] on Thursday signed legislation that will require all Arizona High School students to take and pass the US Citizenship test before they are able to graduate, beginning in the 2016-17 school year. Supporters from the Arizona State Legislature [official website] introduced the American … [read more]

Legal News
18 Nov 2014
by Laura DeGeer

[JURIST] Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] issued a report [press release] on Tuesday discussing the "unprecedented clampdown on dissent" in the United Arab Emirates [official website] since 2011, with more than 100 political activists jailed or prosecuted for calling for political reforms. This report details some of the tactics widely … [read more]

Legal News
11 Nov 2014
by William Hibbitts

[JURIST] A group of six school districts, seven parents and two advocacy groups filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] Monday against the Pennsylvania Department of Education [official website] and others accusing them of not providing students an adequate education and discriminating against students because of their locality. The petitioners claim that … [read more]

Legal News
30 Oct 2014
by Addison Morris

[JURIST] A judge for the Oklahoma County Court [official website] on Wednesday permitted [text, PDF] a state law [HB 2684, text] that restricts drug-induced abortions. The law, passed in 2012, limits medication abortions to the first seven weeks of a woman's pregnancy. The Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice and Reproductive … [read more]

Legal News
1 Oct 2014
by William Helbling

[JURIST] Oklahoma women's healthcare providers on Tuesday filed suit [petition, PDF] in state court stating that Oklahoma's laws restricting non-surgical abortion procedures are unconstitutional. The petitioners claim that Oklahoma House Bill 2684 [text] "is an unconstitutional intrusion on women's reproductive rights that will harm women's health and well-being." The new … [read more]

Professional Commentary
24 Sep 2014
by Robert Bracknell of
edited by Michael Finley

JURIST Guest Columnist Robert Bracknell, a career Marine officer, continues his discussion on ways to reform the military judicial system...This is the second of a two part series on transparency in military court-martial and attorney/judicial misconduct investigation records. Part I presents the case for transparency in court-martial records equivalent to … [read more]

Legal News
1 Sep 2014
by Taylor Gillan

[JURIST] A federal judge on Sunday temporarily blocked [text, PDF] the enforcement of Louisiana's new abortion law [HB 388, text], which was scheduled to take effect on Monday. The measure requires doctors who perform abortions to have patient admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic, allowing … [read more]

Academic Commentary
31 Aug 2014
by Lauren Carasik of Western New England University School of Law
edited by Maria Coladonato

JURIST Guest Columnist Lauren Carasik of Western New England University School of Law discusses what appears to be the politically motivated charges against former president Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti ... The latest chapter in a long series of preliminary legal actions against Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has generated a … [read more]

Legal News
30 Jul 2014
by Ann Schober

[JURIST] A three-judge panel for the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit [official website] ruled [text, PDF] on Tuesday to overturn a 2012 Mississippi state law [text, PDF] that would have closed Jackson Women's Health Organization (JWHO) [official website], the only abortion clinic in the state. The law … [read more]

Academic Commentary
24 Jul 2014
by Victor Sanchez Williams of Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law
edited by Maria Coladonato

JURIST Guest Columnist Victor Sanchez Williams of the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law discusses the constitutionality of the debt limit statute and why it needs to be eliminated ... Partisan conflict has brought our nation to the brink of catastrophic debt default three times since 2011. Markets … [read more]

5 Jun 2014
by Sarah Steers

American history, and the development of American cultural identities, cannot adequately be explained without a thorough discussion of racial discrimination. The following is an overview some notorious, and notable, events. The Naturalization Act of 1798 required that applicants for US citizenship live in America for five years prior to date … [read more]

Legal News
4 Jun 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho

[JURIST] A three-judge panel for the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit [official website] upheld a preliminary injunction [text, PDF] on Tuesday, continuing to block Arizona's strict new abortion law from taking effect until the lawsuit challenging it is resolved. Federal judge William Fletcher, writing for the court, … [read more]

Legal News
5 May 2014
by Jaclyn Belczyk

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] 5-4 Monday in Town of Greece v. Galloway [SCOTUSblog backgrounder] that the practice of opening town meetings with a prayer does not violate the Establishment Clause [JURIST backgrounder] of the First Amendment [text]. The US Court of Appeals for the … [read more]

Legal News
17 Apr 2014
by Theresa Donovan

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the District of North Dakota [official website] on Wednesday overturned [opinion, PDF] a North Dakota law [HB 1456, PDF] that prohibits physicians from performing abortions on women as soon as the fetus has a detectable heartbeat. This would disallow abortions as … [read more]

Academic Commentary
6 Apr 2014
by Leonard Baynes of St. John's University School of Law
edited by Alex Ferraro

JURIST Guest Columnists Leonard M. Baynes and David L. Gregory, both of the St. John's University School of Law, discuss the anniversary of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the interplay of racial and economic justice ... This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the enactment of Title … [read more]

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